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Weekly Word Count #172

Word Count: 6006

What story I’m currently working on:

I’m continuing to make my baby steps forward with Hypnotizing Beat! It’s moving so much more slowly than my Tribal Spirits books, but at the same point, I’m still putting progress into the book, and it’s getting easier as I go. I’m at 36k, so I’m hoping to reach 60k by the end of the month. If I really find my groove, I might be lucky enough to finish the book before November!

What I’m editing/marketing:

I’m editing The Lies We Weave right now, which is going smoother than I thought! However, I keep diving down more worldbuilding rabbit holes which have been super fun. On the positive, Bustles and Bells, the steampunk Christmas anthology I’m a part of, will be coming out for pre-order and sale this month! AND, Forged Alliances is already on pre-order, set to release November 13th!

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Teaser of the week:

“Because if I fell any deeper for the way his eyes crinkled with his smile or his habit of tapping on his nose to emphasize a point, my ship would be sunk.”

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Line of the week:

Those long fingertips, the ones she’d had dirty daydreams about, brushed along her chin. Danica looked up at him. Trevor didn’t say anything, but his gaze glowed with a hearthfire understanding that scorched right through her. His breathing had evened, and his hand no longer trembled. Danica’s chest felt hollowed, as if someone had clawed at her insides and scooped them out. They should be looking around for an escape, a distraction, anything. However, she could as much tear herself from Trevor’s gaze as she could escape a hurricane.