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Weekly Word Count #112

Word Count: 11,037

What story I’m currently working on: Well, in the interim, I finished the Steampunk with a Twist story (tentatively titled Of Tinkers and Technomancers) at 33k. Which happened to be perfect timing, because the first book of my Tribal Spirits series, Forged Alliances, got picked up!!! So I got a zephyr of renewed motivation for book two in the series, Forged Decisions, making it all the way to 20k this week! I even got another thousand words into the Musketeer Pirate story, beginning another chapter at 6k–this story might be a slow burn WIP, but damn, it’s gonna be good.

What I’m editing/marketing: Currently, my Steampunk with a Twist story is with my lovely beta readers, and then I shall begin MASS EDITINGS. Also, I pressed the button–An Airship Named Desire audio book should be available in the next couple days. OH MY GOD GUYS. IT’S GOOD. All of the excite.

Teaser of the week:


Line of the week:

“You didn’t have to do that,” Navi said, her voice quieting. Their eyes met for a moment, charged understanding a current between them.

“And you didn’t have to help back there,” he murmured, his voice growing hoarse with seriousness. Navi’s lips pressed together and she tucked several strands of hair behind her ear, breaking her gaze.

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Sneak Peek into Rising for Autumn!

Because I love you guys, I’ll share a sneak peek into book three of Philadelphia Coven Chronicles, featuring Sam and Alanna as the leads! This story, by far, has been the darkest of the series. It’s seriously messed up.

“Conor had stopped dead in his tracks, standing before the green expanse.

It only took a moment before Alanna realized why.

The smell hit first, one that she didn’t need hunter senses to identify. A rotting stench, like molding oatmeal that swept through the air, so thick it coated her skin. Strips of decomposing flesh, shattered bones, and grayish fluids offset the even green of the terrace before them. The pieces had been segmented, ripped apart, whether it was the remainder of an arm, a split femur, or strips of filmy skin that begged to fall off of a ribcage. At first, all she could take in was the pile of carnage, until the real doozy hit her.

The decaying body parts had been arranged.

In the shape of a heart.”

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Preview Paragraph-Night Awakens

“Bout time, detective. Any leads on your case?” she asked, pointedly ignoring me.

All my pent up paranoia had nowhere to go when irritation flared through me, so I looped my arm through his. “He sure does, darling.” I offered her a wider than average grin.

“We’ll talk later, Char,” he said as we continued past the reception and down the hall. A smirk tugged on his lips once we stepped out of sight along the long bone-white corridor. “Don’t tell me you got jealous, sweetheart.”

I let out a huff and shoved him in the side. “You wish, loverboy. Just nerves getting the better of me.”

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Preview Paragraph: The Iron Legacy

The starchy fabric of the uniform reminded me of the old days where I wore clothes I’d stolen off a dead person in an alley. This is what our high and mighty military wore? A sneer curled my lip, which I didn’t bother hiding.

I slouched, leaning against the smooth wood overlay lining the walls of the basement clubhouse while Jerome scanned over me with his discerning eye.

“Like what you see?” I grinned, knowing full well the man was immune to my sass.

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Scintillating Sunday Blog Hop!

Today I’m going to share a snippet from Soul Solution, my most recent release with Decadent Publishing. If you enjoy, add it to your TBR list at Goodreads, or get a copy HERE!

She waited a beat, and a certain curiosity gleamed in her eyes, one he knew well. Would he follow? Those inquisitive eyes of hers asked the question, and even with the slight hunch of her shoulders, she begged to be pursued. Once upon a time, he might’ve chased her and tumbled her in the sheets with the promise of more in the future. However, she’d placed her bets on the wrong sort of man. A soul collector couldn’t have those attachments.

“I’ll walk you out,” he offered. Even though this could never turn into anything, he’d take whatever remaining moments he could get with this intriguing woman.

He followed her out into the early dawn sunshine, which coated every car and leaf in liquid amber. If he were still up at this hour on any other day, he’d be holed up in his apartment with a bottle of whiskey, trying to chase the demons away. If only every night could be like this one.

Erik leaned against the railing, debating whether he should walk off before he’d have something to regret later. The longer he watched her smile, listened to her lilting laugh, the more he knew she was trouble.

He stuck his hands into his pockets. “This is good-bye then.”

Amusement lifted her eyebrows. Instead of turning and leaving, she wrapped her arms around him, pulling him in for a hug. The press of her body against his shocked his system; he hadn’t realized how much he’d missed a woman’s embrace all these years. Her warm skin brushed against his, sending his senses into overdrive. The scent of jasmine fogged his mind, already overloaded from the simple touch of a person after so long.

A jolt of ice water flooded his veins as he returned the embrace on reflex. He needed to leave.

“See you around, Club Kid.” She stepped away from him then skipped off down the street. Already fading into a memory, she turned into a silhouette against the dewy morning light.

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By the Sea Sneak Peek

The water rushed around me like a protective cocoon, ice cold like I’d expected. I kicked out, reveling in the swirl of bubbles and spray of the monstrous, all-encompassing ocean. All the questions adding up in my mind disappeared as I fell into the blissful rhythm of the sea. I kicked forward, throwing my arm overhead and swimming around the dock. Kelp flowed past my ankle, every sensation familiar.

Sweet selkie romance in By the Sea!

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Sneak Peek: A Reflection of Ice

This palace is so stunning in my mind!

“Chandeliers hung from those lofty ceilings made from crystalline ice resembling a thousand drops of dew. Blue fire lit the stubs of candles, even though the golden afternoon light spilled across the floor. The place turned liquid gold under that view, so beautiful her heart twisted with fierce longing to remain in the moment forever.”