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Surprise! Free day of Stolen Petals!

Since I just got back from Steampunk Unlimited, I’m your Santa Clause dressed in gears and goodwill, and today only, download a copy of Stolen Petals for free!


Where do you get a copy? Why, HERE of course!

Not sure if you’ll like it? Well, you could always see what these reviewers had to say:

“In short this is an truly smart and quirky read; set in an alternate time, and with a few steam-punk touches thrown in for good measure the book is a brilliant way to watch a couple of hours float by.” —My Little Book Blog

“While the two contenders are checking each other out like prized fighters in a ring, the pages fairly sizzle with their mutual carnal tension.” —Wicked Women Book Blog

” It’s been a long time since I was so wrapped up in a couple, wanting to scream at them to just kiss each other.” —Rainy Thursdays