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Steampunk Unlimited 2016

As always, Steampunk Unlimited was a blast!


Haven’t heard of the yearly steampunk event at the Strasburg Railroad? This was the fourth year and as always, a huge crowd came out!


If you haven’t been and Lancaster County isn’t too much of a journey, I highly recommend the trek. While I was behind my vending booth the entire time, I could hear the panels going on in the room and the entertainment tent was hopping the entire time. What I love the most about these events though are the people. Everyone is so friendly and willing to chat! They’re from all different walks of life, all different ages, and it’s rare to find a community as wildly accepting as the steampunk one. Of course, I’d be remiss to not mention the amazing friends we’ve made there, ones who even seeing once a year still warm my soul.


My heart is aglow from all the wonderful folks I chatted with, and I especially want to shout out to those who took a chance on my books for the first time, or for the wonderful individuals who stopped by to simply share how much they enjoyed An Airship Named Desire and A Tale of Two Airships. To an author, those kind words mean the world to me. I store them away in my cherished box of happy memories for those days when the rejections are heavy hitting, sales are low, and things look bleak.


So all in all, I left Steampunk Unlimited feeling uplifted, and I have the wonderful community to thank for that!

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Plunging into the Sequel

I’m about 12,000 words into the sequel of An Airship Named Desire, and already, the characters are returning like I wrote them yesterday. Bea is still one of my favorite characters to write, hands down. She’s so hot-headed and opinionated, but that’s why I love her. Any situation, when asking what Bea would do, it’s usually the ballsiest, craziest option. She’s brazen and a bit of an asshole at times, but she’s as loyal as the ship she flies and would do absolutely anything for her crew.

One of the things I forgot about with writing Bea though, is how much she butts heads with others, in true Aries girl fashion. Which makes the upcoming scene I’m about to write that much more fun, because I’m introducing certain characters from the extended universe, and chances are she’s not going to take a liking to them on first try.

I’m going to keep plugging away though, hopefully ramping up the pace this month. In the meanwhile, I’ll leave you with this unedited preview.

“A couple sat by the fireplace whispering to one another. The moment I walked in, they turned and stared, giving me one hell of a sneer. Too bad I didn’t play their games. I grinned extra wide, thrust my hips forward, and waggled my fingers at the pair. From behind me, Mordecai audibly sighed. I promised I wouldn’t start any fights—none were made about ladylike behavior.”