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Snatched’s Re-Release Day!


When Kara was ten, the shifters took her parents.

A year ago, they took her best friend Hunter.

And now, the night before her first military strike against those monsters on the surface, the shifters take the only person she has left: her little sister Lizzy.

The snatched don’t come back. That’s what Kara’s believed her entire life, but the first person she finds above ground is the best friend she thought lost forever. Turns out, the higher ups lied. Other colonies are out there, hell even folks who toughed it up above. If anyone knows how to get her sister back, these people would. However, unless she can rally these surfacers into an army, one girl with a shotgun won’t survive long against the very creatures that overturned her world.

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See what folks have to say about Snatched!

Firstly, I’d like to point out that this is an indie book, and for independently-published material, this one was pretty fucking good. The writing was on point. The story was well-paced. And the characters made you want to believe in them.”

The characters (Yay Tweak) and the banter make it hard to put this story down.

I really liked this book. The Shifters made for a great bad guy, especially as no one knew their motivation (though it was clear they had one).