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Weekly Word Count #118

Word Count: 4,236

What story I’m currently working on: So, I’m not quite done with Forged Decisions yet, due to a bit of a slowdown. I hit 52k with Forged Decisions, and the goal is 60k, so I do promise by the next update I will be finished with the second book of the Tribal Spirits series! Once I’m done that, I’m excited to launch more fully into the Musketeer Pirates story since the ideas are flowing for that one!

What I’m editing/marketing: Forged Alliances is just about ready for release, which is all of the excite! That’s a measly couple weeks away! On top of that, I just signed a new contract, this one for Of Tinkers and Technomancers! I’m about 1/3 done the rewrite on A Reflection of Ice as well, so with any luck, I’ll have another contract in my future! So far this year’s contracts have included Waking for Winter, Captured Memories, Forged Alliances, and Of Tinkers and Technomancers…if I can get Forged Decisions into shape plus A Reflection of Ice, that would put me to an all time record of six in one year!

Teaser of the week:

She navigated with the stealth afforded to her kind, the silent approach of a wolf.

Line of the week:

She lifted the coffee up to her lips and took a sip, her own brand of liquid courage. As the hot fluid slipped down her throat, she stood a little straighter. “We haven’t had a chance to talk yet,” she said, feeling as though she stepped on the precipice of a ledge, ready to drop into a canyon below. Already, the coziness of the morning and the scorching memories of last night had begun to gray around the edges in the wake of the fear that threatened to steal her breath away. Finn’s brows furrowed, and the frown on his lips made her feel queasy.

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Weekly Word Count #72

Word Count: 3,108

What story I’m working on: Waking for Winter

What I’m editing/marketing: Just finished editing Rising for Autumn and shipped it off to the editor. Fingers crossed, guys! And now that my editing agenda is freed up, I can tackle rewriting Chasing Fate into a YA urban fantasy!!!

Line of the week:

He sucked in a harsh breath. “So it had nothing to do with us?”

So, so complicated that phrase. It had everything to do with them, with how bright their flames burned when they were together and how their fire threatened to consume survival and reason alike. The aching intensity he inspired in her had reached the fervor of consumption to the point she wasn’t sure she’d ever be able to extricate herself. In their time apart, she’d grown. Fallen down, scraped her knees, and fucked up, sure. But she’d learned to stand on her own and grew into a woman who could fight her own battles. Had she stayed back then, she had risked not only losing him, but herself in the process.