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Weekly Word Count: 3/20/19

Word Count: 17010

What story I’m currently working on:

Ha. Ha, ha, ha. I’m back, baby. After doing so freaking much editing the first month of the year, I thought I’d never get my writing stride back. My goal had been 50k, but I blew past that and hit 60k. The end of this manuscript is in sight, at about probably another 15k. If I have another week like this one, I’ll be able to finish the book by the end of the month, which was more than I could’ve hoped.

What I’m editing/marketing:

Finished the initial edits of Waking for Winter, which means my full attention is on writing. Which is good. After all of the work I did earlier on editing nonstop, I’m excited for the break. It feels weird not having something to simultaneously edit. Of Tinkers and Technomancers came out last week, kicking off my brand new steampunk romance trilogy! And there’s only about a week and a half left to grab Forged Decisions for 99 cents, so you can catch up for Forged Contracts when it releases a week after! Of course, the onslaught doesn’t stop, because Tales from the Skies and Color of a Soul will be coming out in May and June.

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Teaser of the week:

“She placed the beer in front of him. “Keep on wishing, babe,” she purred. “I’m STD free and want to remain that way.”

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Line of the week:

Drew snorted as he pulled up an extra chair to the table with them, a plate of pancakes piled high and drenched with syrup. He slammed his fork in and began to chow down.

“I’m just getting rid of the baggage before diving into the good stuff. Perfectly reasonable.”

“Chew a little louder,” Ally shot back. “They can’t hear you in France.”

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Color of A Soul Available for Pre-Order!

Color of a Soul 6x9 FINAL

Nab your copy of Color of a Soul, which will be releasing in June!

Kelsey’s running out of time.

The undine spent these past years at Niagara-on-the-Lake searching for a soul mate, but time and time again, her dates disappoint, and she’s down to days remaining before she has to return to the Otherworld.

Jason’s hit rock bottom.

His fiancée left him, he lost his job, and he arrives in Niagara-on-the-Lake for a non-refundable vacation meant for two. The week is looking to be a nightmare—at least until he meets Kelsey.

The attraction is instant—explosive—but unless the connection between them is the real deal, in mere days Kelsey will be gone from this realm for good.

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Taking Root is Under Contract!

Book one in my Eros Tales series, contemporary romance retellings of Greek Myths, will be coming out with Limitless Publishing! Stay tuned for more news about Taking Root!


After a decade away, Danielle Reynolds returns to Charleston.

Before WitSec and before her serial killer father went on the run, she had a different name and life here. Mere moments back and the past finds her when she draws the attention of Adrian Dukas, the gorgeous track star she tutored in high school.

Ever since Adrian’s fiancée left him, he’s sentenced himself to long shifts at the hospital and never-ending family responsibilities. However, when the redheaded stunner going by Danny Reynolds crashes into his life, Adrian can’t let the girl he pined after for years vanish a second time.

Attraction zings between them like Cupid’s arrow, and they both fall hard. Except Danny’s secrets and Adrian’s promises of the future will car-crash wreck them when she has to leave, and with her father on the move and heading to Charleston, their hourglass is running out of sand.

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Weekly Word Count: 12/26/18

Word Count: 0

What story I’m currently working on:

Still haven’t been able to write, sob, sob, sob. But yeah, next on the agenda is Forged Redemption, which I’ll be starting in January.

What I’m editing/marketing:

Editing has been the name of the game through most of December. I got my edits for Hunting for Spring finalized and turned around, and now I’m launching into the final rounds for Hypnotizing Beat, so I’m hoping to turn that in to publishers before the end of the year! But that’s not all on the agenda! Forged Decisions is available for pre-order and will release January 1st, which I’m super excited about! And to bolster that, Forged Alliances is on sale for 99 cents! Also, if you’re not ready to let the holidays go, make sure to check out Bustles and Bells while it’s still available!

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The best ways to get involved with my work is by joining my ARC List, my Facebook Group, my Newsletter, or if you want exclusive content and a free sci-fi romance, sign up for my Patreon!

Teaser of the week:

“The way he spoke to me, the admiration in his gaze, reminded me so, so much of myself staring at Morris, eyes reaching for the stars.”

Currently listening to:

Line of the week:

However, then the hunters had emerged from their anonymity, humans born with the ability to see through glamour, and families trained on every way to disarm and kill fae. A whole bunch of Buffy the Fae Slayers. When the hunters began to leave a trail of corpses, their former rules ceased relevance.

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Stolen Petals Free Day!


Grab your copy for FREE for the next couple of days!

One man has swiped bounties from Viola, the Brass Violet, for years. Longstanding rivals, they’ve only had brief encounters, and if she had a choice, she’d avoid him entirely. When he saunters into her bar with an offer to work together on a job, the proper response would be to shoot him down and send him back to Shantytown. However, curiosity’s a wicked beast, and Viola needs to know why, after so many years of stealing her marks, he’d approach her now.

The man is insufferable, annoyingly cavalier, and tends to stir up memories she’d rather forget–but she needs assistance on this job and he’s offering aid and blueprints which could cut their work in half.

Given the intense way he looks at her though, working together isn’t all he has in mind. Van Clef is known for his persistence and, with his charm, he wins women over effortlessly. Viola’s not so easy though–she’s wise to his tricks. But if he wants to play the game, she will gladly rise to the challenge. By the end of this bounty, she’ll be the one leaving him in the dust.

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New Release Date for Forged Decisions!

Who’s excited for book #2 in the Tribal Spirits series? This girl.

Seriously, I’ve been waiting to share this one with you guys since last December. Now you can add it on Goodreads or check out the website for the latest updates, because Forged Decisions is going to be available for pre-order on November 20th! AAAND it’s going to release on January 1st!

“Don_t stop for my sake—I was enjoying the show,” Navi drawled, leaning against one of the pillars in the center of the room. The damn panther could sneak around better than most

When Finn falls for Navi, a member of the East Coast Tribe, he’ll have to choose between the pack and family who saved him, and the unforgettable woman who’s made her mark.

Ever since Sierra and Dax mated, forming their alliance, Finn has been restless in his position as beta for the Red Rock pack. So when Navi, the gorgeous, lethal member of the East Coast Tribe, conscripts him for help breaking up the Landsliders’ drug running ring, he leaps on the opportunity. As they work together, their attraction deepens to more than comrades and far more than a one night stand. Except Navi isn’t sticking around town forever, and Finn has his own responsibilities tethering him to the Red Rock pack.

When the trail to the drug ring leads them to the man who murdered Finn’s parents, Finn’s forced to confront the fears he’s buried, and in the process, the connection between him and Navi grows scorching and unforgettable. However, with an underground meth-lab to bust and his parents’ murderer to take down, Finn throws his heart and soul into the fight, because he knows even if he survives this, he’ll be forever marked by the goodbyes to follow.

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Of Tinker and Technomancers is Contracted!

“Because it took a stubborn technomancer willing to risk everything for those she cared about to remind me I was capable of a little daring too.”.jpg

Of Tinkers and Technomancers is going to be coming out with Totally Bound Publishing on April 2nd, 2019!

It’s the first in the Whitfield Files series, of which I have two more steampunk romance novellas planned 😀

When technomancer Theo Whitfield’s sister goes missing, she’s forced to work alongside an arrogant prat she’s long despised, the tinker, Silas Kylock. Her sister nicked his clockwork doll, and she needs his help to track the stolen merchandise and by proxy, her sister. However, the more time they spend together, the more she sees Silas as the man she’d run through the streets of Islington with and not the insufferable gentleman he’s become.

Theo’s not the only one afflicted. Silas never forgot the loyal, stubborn woman whose temper he can’t help but spark, and as their search grows more dire, her dedication to her family inspires him to make sacrifices of his own. So when the hunt erupts into a deadly confrontation with the gangs of Islington, Theo and Silas aren’t just risking their hearts–their lives are on the line.