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Weekly Word Count #90

Word Count: 5,202

What story I’m working on: Not going to lie, the only reason I have high word counts is because I kicked ass on Saturday. I spent Sunday through Wednesday down for the count with the flu. Didn’t even look at my laptop. Hit 27k with Future King, because I got to write a scene I was super excited about! Doing an LGBT lead is new territory for me, and I’m stoked to venture into it! Forged Alliance has been chugging along, slow and steady. I hit 37k, and I’m hoping by the end of Feb to hit 40!

What I’m editing/marketing: Submitted Waking for Winter to my editor the other week, so I’m waiting for a response on that. Here’s to hoping! Reviews of Rising for Autumn are still coming in, which is all of the excite since it’s now available! Actually almost finished polishing Iron Legacy, so once I go through and do a big read through edit, I’m going to redo the query/synopsis and send it out to market again.

Line of the week:

For a moment, all the charisma melted, the flash of vulnerability brushing the air raw. “You have no idea,” his voice came out rough and husky.

I gave him a half-smile. “I just might.” The weight of a crew was different than that of loss, but each exacted their own tolls, and the longer you bore the heavy load on your own, the more those walls rose between you and your closest, until each smile grew tougher, each laugh forced. “You know,” I said, glancing down at the bowl in front of me. “We’re in the perfect position to trade here. Ease some of your burden by telling me what the hell we’re facing, without the bullshit bravado, and you can sate my anxiety—I can fight better if I know what I’m facing, shit odds or no.”


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Weekly Word Count #86

Word Count: 5,272

What story I’m working on: Hit 20k with Future King, which has been taking a bit of a backseat with how the shifter story has been flowing. What can I say? Romance is easy for me, and with Future King, I have to pause a lot to research things! With the shifter story, I hit 24k, and I’m getting into the meat of the plot. Dax and Sierra have been a blast to write.

What I’m editing/marketing: Continuing with the final edit of Waking for Winter before I submit it to my editor. Still not sure if I’ll have it ready by the end of January since that’s only a couple days away. Right now I’m prepping for Rising for Autumn’s release which I’m more excited for by the second!

Line of the week:

She snuck him the side-eye. “Since I’ve had enough of your mouth for the next decade, why don’t we throw a movie on?”

Dax shook his head, unable to help his weary smile as he settled back into his couch and grabbed the remote. “Were you just born bossy? Did you slide out of the wombs making demands at the doctor?”

“If you’ve got a natural talent for something, why quash it?” she shrugged, even though her eyes gleamed with wickedness.

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Snatched Book Birthday!

One year ago, Snatched was released with Jupiter Gardens Press!

That’s right, this book, right HERE.

And because I’m a silly individual, I’m going to scrap the fancy recap of Snatched and put it through the Kat-speak filter.

Shifters are one creepy as hell bad guy–I mean, who wants to face off monsters who can teleport and rip people’s limbs off? They’re the ones responsible for shoving mankind underground where they can feast on rat meat and tubers. (Bright future, right?) So, in comes Kara, girl with a gun and a protective streak a mile wide. And those bastards take her sister.

Well, a girl like that isn’t going to take ‘no one ever returns’ as an answer. She’s going to find a way to get her lil sis back even if everyone tells her she doesn’t have a shot in hell.

Did I mention this book one a blogging award for having a Kickass Heroine?


Like you needed another reason to check it out : )

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Snatched Excerpt

The darkened boughs of the overhead trees snuffed out the faint rays from the moon. Twigs and brush crunched underneath our boots, but we kept the silence as much as possible, even Dinah. Hunter groped around, feeling his way past low-lying tree branches and full bushes. My dimensional restraint cast a reddish glow on my arm, and some of the light trailed onto the ground in front of me. I listened for the thrash of moving bushes, the snapping of branches—anything to prevent another wildlife ambush, or worse, a shifter porting in on us. Getting torn limb from limb would put a damper on my night.

Fight the shifters in Snatched!

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September 2015 Obsessions

This has been the month of Scifi TV. In preparation to spend more time with Airship, I revisited Firefly (though I like to do that once a year anyway. The show is near and dear to my heart.) And of course I fell in love with it all over again and was crushed when there were no more episodes as I am every time.

So I was still in a sci-fi mood and I like to turn on the TV while I’m blending tea. After all, my hands are occupied but my brain isn’t, and it’s not like I can turn the pages of a book while said hands are occupied. So I usually choose a show and run with it.

The shows I chose this month were Stargate Atlantis and Farscape. I had been hearing great things about both for forever and a half and figured it was time to give them a shot. Of course, I did Stargate entirely backwards. I watched SGU first, now I’m watching Atlantis and eventually I’ll go back to the first one 😛

Character-wise, I LOVE Weir and Sheppard.

John’s a total hothead and I really like that about his character, as well as the moral fiber.

Meanwhile Weir is like Commander Shepard from Mass Effect incarnate–level headed and completely badass.

As for Farscape, while John Crichton’s not my type, I’m obsessed with Claudia Black. The Dragon Age geek in me is thrilled every time she opens her mouth, and she has the same cold, caustic personality as Morrigan too!

What’s the bonus of this influx of sci-fi? More examples of strong, badass women to integrate into my stories. If I could have any trademark as an author, I’d love to be known for representing my gender well!

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Solid Ground’s Release Day!

Release day!!

Solid Ground is out with Boroughs Publishing!

Solid GroundMags Javiks has one day left with Lex before she boards her ship to start ambassador training. One more day to confess her feelings for him. If she lets this opportunity slip away she may never get another one.

Buy it at these retailers:

All Romance Ebooks




Inspiration for this story:

So, I started writing this due to an image prompt of a girl standing in front of a futuristic cityscape near dawn, hair blowing back in the breeze. The rest just kind of poured out of me with very little planning.

I will say, I tend to write a lot of young adult themes, and this fit in line very well. Regret is something I’ve thought very heavily on, and the whole concept of graduation, or of leaving places and people behind tends to bring up those emotions when things are left unsaid. While I’m probably the opposite of Mags–tend to be very expressive with my feelings–I can still empathize with the hesitation and fragility of the moment, of being scared about that sort of vulnerability.

Many thanks to Boroughs Publishing for taking a chance on the story, and hope you enjoy!

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Solid Ground Under Contract!

My sci-fi romance short, Solid Ground, has a home now! Boroughs Publishing has accepted it as part of their Lunchbox Romance line!

Check out this spiffy publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group

They’ve been absolutely wonderful so far, and I can’t wait to start working with them. Super excited to share this story with you, it’s short, but saccharine sweet, and the theme’s sure to tug some heartstrings.

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Editing Time

Here’s the part where I roll up my sleeves and do the tougher part of the job–the edits.

Right now I’m tackling my pirate manuscript that still has no name. My titles for other stories either fit from the get-go, or struck me in an inspired moment. So far, all I keep calling it is…pirate story. So original.

When I go through my edits though, I’ve got a certain process I utilize. First, I do a readthrough of the story to see if major plot issues, pacing problems or character inconsistencies stand out. Secondly, I do a cursory edit of the whole thing, only touching upon glaring grammatical issues and such. And then I find a critiquing partner.

Why, you ask? After all, don’t you want your best work to be shown?

Yes and no. Look, we all know getting critiques can be rough and we can get defensive or stubborn about making changes to our babies. At least, I get that way. This has been my method to keep an open mind during critiques. If I haven’t poured all my time and lifeblood into editing this baby, pruning all it’s tiny little word issues and fixing all the big stuff, I’ll be more open and welcoming to making major changes–I’m talking cutting a chapter, adding a section in, etc. I’m less liable to hold onto what I’ve written, which is where I become the best person for editing my work: when I’m flexible. It’s taken years to figure that delicate cusp for me, but so far, it’s worked.

Hence why, right now I’m working through that cursory edit and snipping a bit here, tweaking a bit there.

And I’m already past page 100, so I’d say I’m making pretty good time. I’ve reached the section where Serafina and the crew of the Crimson Orchid are infiltrating one of the elite’s parties. It’s a blast to write the elegant ballroom scene, but it was also a brilliant place to display the atrocities that the elite can commit and push her over the edge. It’s a big catalyst to the turning point in the book–and one I’m excited to get to.

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News, News and More News

So, I’ve got some solidified STUFF coming out, most likely this year.

Snatched, a young adult sci-fi novel which will be published by Jupiter Gardens Press

(Involving post apocalyptic battles against shifters–teleporting emotionless humanoids))




Poisoned Apple, a contemporary Snow White novella which will be published by Decadent Publishing

(Snow White’s a goth, Prince Charming’s a jerk and her family’s even worse)


Plenty of reasons to stay tuned!