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Weekly Word Count: 4/18/19

Word Count: 9090

What story I’m currently working on:

I’m picking up the pace on A Thief’s Crusade again, right when I’m going to have to break on it in a week or so when we go to Iceland. It’s cool though. There are so many new subplots that I dragged in at this point, that I’m sure this story’s going to startling new directions. I hit 33k this week, which places me ahead of the curve for my monthly goal, which was to hit 30k. I know I’m starting to gel with a book when it starts moving faster and faster 🙂

What I’m editing/marketing:

And, the majority of the beta feedback is in for Forged Redemption, so I’m really churning at those edits, trying to get as much done as possible before my vacation! Thankfully no big macro edits needed–though a lot of micro-edits on the way. While I won’t have the book done by the end of April, I’ll definitely have it finished in May (before the fourth book comes out). So then hopefully before the end of the year, y’all will have a full Tribal Spirits series to enjoy 🙂 Forged Contracts came out last week, but also happens to be on sale for 99 cents! And if you are current, Forged Futures is up for pre-order!!! And the other two pre-orders waiting to hit soon are Tales from the Skies and Color of a Soul!

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John and Tuck were on Doncaster patrol. With their enemies scouting the building too, they needed to cut off any attempts before their heist. Two more days.

Which left him with an empty house, an empty bottle, and an empty heart.

His phone buzzed, and he was tempted to ignore it. He’d need to start weaning off the communications with Dan—no cold ghosting, but he couldn’t keep indulging in the flirty texts. Not when each one sliced another cut into his already covered arms. He scanned the wire and pine shelves of their booze rack, but he wasn’t in a quiet enough mood for gin, and vodka just made him meaner.

Fuck it, he’d drink coffee. The idea of going to Butcher’s Block was scrapped, not after he’d ruined that joint by taking his mark there. When had he gotten to be such a careless idiot? This wasn’t how he ran ops. Grif had always worked more like a spider spinning a web, then watching from a noticeable distance as his enemies got themselves tangled up. Yet ever since the botched Nevarra job, he and the Outlaws had been sloppier than ever. Luck hadn’t just abandoned them, it had lobbed them off the cliff.

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Pre-Order Forged Futures!


The next book in the Tribal Spirits series is already up to bat! Pre-order Forged Futures today! And I’m working on editing the final book for submission as we speak! The Tribal Spirits series has been a wild ride.

Lana’s barely surviving the loss of her husband when Tribe member Lucas offers protection from the Landsliders, but in each other, they might uncover a chance to heal.

Joe Ganzorig, Mackey Kendricks’ right hand shaman, has appeared in Ricketts Glen again, and Lucas Diaz is on the job. Except this time, the Landsliders are targeting the recently widowed Lana Bennett. Turns out her husband’s murder hadn’t been accidental—he was involved in the Landsliders and stole an anti-shifter bomb from the big boss himself. The Landsliders want it back, and they won’t stop their attacks until their device is delivered.

Lucas volunteers to keep her safe while they search for the device, needing to protect this wry, stunning woman who’s still standing even after everything she’s weathered. Despite the distance they each try to keep, both Lucas and Lana can’t deny the scorching attraction between them. However, with the constant reminders of Lana’s husband and the Landsliders increasing their threats by the day, these newfound feelings could expire before they ignite. And if the Landsliders find the device before them, none of the shifters will stand a chance at survival.

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Forged Contracts Available for Pre-Order!


Nab your copy here!

When Jer kisses his best friend Raven, the feelings they’ve been avoiding surface—including secrets from the past that might destroy them both.

Jeremiah Taylor’s responsibilities as the new pack beta are crushing him, especially with the unpredictable mood shifts since his shaman-supplied bipolar meds ran out. It’s the combination for doing something stupid, like kissing the one woman he’s never let himself pursue—his best friend Raven Takahashi.

When Finn left the Red Rock pack, Raven’s on and off again fling took her safety net with him—the one barrier keeping her from the raw and real way she feels around Jer. The moment the Pandora’s box opens after they kiss, she can no longer deny the sparks between them or hide from the demons of her past.

And when one of those demons shows up in Beaver Tavern representing an anti-shifter group to take over their land, Raven’s secrets threaten to get dragged into the light, which could cost her everything—her friends, her pack, and her home. However, if she and Jer don’t thwart the anti-shifter group’s takeover attempts, the entire Red Rock pack might find themselves banished from their own land.