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Forged Alliances Excerpt

Dax Williams sauntered toward her with feline grace, his eyes simmering with amusement the second they locked gazes. His jeans hung low on his hips, and his white tee might as well have been plastic-wrapped on, providing a clear reminder of the chiseled six-pack she’d seen last night.

“They’ve got some great kibble on the menu here,” he drawled, eliciting a growl from Jeremiah. Her blood ignited. The man might be as pretty as a picture, but his smart-ass mouth ruined the package. Sierra contained her annoyance, offering a sweet smile while hiding her fangs.

“How considerate,” she murmured.

His brows furrowed in confusion. If he wanted to play power games, now that her temper had cooled and she tapped into a clear perspective, he didn’t stand a chance. She clapped a hand on Jeremiah’s shoulder. He had bared his teeth, two steps away from wolfing out around more than a couple of humans in front of this quaint diner. Perfect recipe for freaking out the norms. Their eyes met, and she stared him down with her patented alpha look. Sure, her wolf paced restlessly inside her, desperate to establish dominance with the newcomer, but Sierra steered this ship for a reason.

“Lest you think I came for witty banter,” Dax said as he made his way to the door and held it open for Jeremiah with a flourish. Jer folded his arms over his chest, refusing to budge. Save me from fragile male egos. Dax’s eyes glittered with unspent amusement, clarifying that the gesture was meant as a taunt.

“Streaky, he’s not asking you to marry him, just holding the door,” Sierra said, giving Jer a shove hard enough to send him stumbling. She followed through, shooting a glare at Dax as she passed. “And you’re no better. Taunting people you want help from is poor form. Shape up.”

Dax’s gaze darkened, and for a moment she wasn’t sure if they headed for a brawl right in the parking lot. Not uncommon with her kind. His breath hitched for a half second, but as sudden as a swerving car, he flashed her a hot-as-hell smile.

“Yes, ma’am,” he said, following them into the diner.

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Forged Alliances Excerpt

Tonight Sierra was spoiling for a fight.

She slammed into the Beaver Tavern’s door shoulder first, amber light spilling on her and the scent of tobacco threading through the air as she entered. Wooden planks creaked under her boots from her tread as she quick-stepped to the oaken bar on the opposite side. Three things lit her match without fail—abusive assholes, idiots who didn’t use their turn signals, and unannounced shifters moving in on her territory.

Inside, her beast snapped at its confines, begging her to shift, to take to the woods and keep running, never turning back. Except leaving wasn’t an option, not since she’d become alpha of the Red Rock pack years back. Sounds of the bar in full swing washed over her, from the shouts and laughs to the clunks of heavy pint glasses hitting the tables.

“Sierra, what’s up your ass?” Jeremiah called over from a table as a lazy smile reached his hazel eyes. Her Red Rock pack filled the whole bar, since humans kept their distance from predominantly shifter areas, and in this part of Pennsylvania few would come strolling in.

She flipped him the middle finger. “Shut it, Streaky,” she called back, garnering a couple of smirks and laughs from the pack. After Jer had gotten caught buck-ass naked, stumbling out of at least three different tents at the last Fourth of July party, the nickname had stuck. Sierra made a beeline to where Raven manned the taps, dispensing dew to this loud and crazy lot. Sierra’s body brimmed with unspent tension. Fight, fight, fight pounded through her, an untamable urge, and her wolf prowled inside her, restless. As alpha, her rank heightened her tether to the beast, already one step away from primal.

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Weekly Word Count #118

Word Count: 4,236

What story I’m currently working on: So, I’m not quite done with Forged Decisions yet, due to a bit of a slowdown. I hit 52k with Forged Decisions, and the goal is 60k, so I do promise by the next update I will be finished with the second book of the Tribal Spirits series! Once I’m done that, I’m excited to launch more fully into the Musketeer Pirates story since the ideas are flowing for that one!

What I’m editing/marketing: Forged Alliances is just about ready for release, which is all of the excite! That’s a measly couple weeks away! On top of that, I just signed a new contract, this one for Of Tinkers and Technomancers! I’m about 1/3 done the rewrite on A Reflection of Ice as well, so with any luck, I’ll have another contract in my future! So far this year’s contracts have included Waking for Winter, Captured Memories, Forged Alliances, and Of Tinkers and Technomancers…if I can get Forged Decisions into shape plus A Reflection of Ice, that would put me to an all time record of six in one year!

Teaser of the week:

She navigated with the stealth afforded to her kind, the silent approach of a wolf.

Line of the week:

She lifted the coffee up to her lips and took a sip, her own brand of liquid courage. As the hot fluid slipped down her throat, she stood a little straighter. “We haven’t had a chance to talk yet,” she said, feeling as though she stepped on the precipice of a ledge, ready to drop into a canyon below. Already, the coziness of the morning and the scorching memories of last night had begun to gray around the edges in the wake of the fear that threatened to steal her breath away. Finn’s brows furrowed, and the frown on his lips made her feel queasy.

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Weekly Word Count #117

Word Count: 8,004

What story I’m currently working on: Well, if I’m lucky or determined (I’m usually more determined than lucky, lol) I’ll be finished with Forged Decisions by next week! I’m going to be starting more work on Musketeer Pirates as well since I had a couple new plot ideas, so look for more updates on that to follow! I think I’ve started organizing my plan for the remainder of the year, including more work on The Airship Also Rises and then maybe starting into Tribal Spirits book 3, Forged Contracts!

What I’m editing/marketing: Currently waiting on line edits for Forged Alliances, and then that book will be racing towards release day!! Trucking through some edits on the Of Tinkers and Technomancers book, and once they’re done, I’ll be turning that in! Once I’m finished that, I’ll be working on A Reflection of Ice and trying to rewrite that novella into shape!

Teaser of the week:


Line of the week:

He jammed on the gas pedal and the Challenger shot off down the road, but Finn’s anger didn’t dissipate, and his aggression heated the space between them. Navi would never rob him of that, never try to bury the rage he so rightly deserved to feel, the sort that had lit her up from the inside on too many nights to count.

Navi reached over and placed a hand on his bare thigh. He flinched at first, the touch a shock from the turmoil rocking him. He glanced to her, those hazel eyes softening for a heartbeat, and in that moment, she held more power than she’d ever wielded as a member of the Tribe.



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Weekly Word Count #112

Word Count: 11,037

What story I’m currently working on: Well, in the interim, I finished the Steampunk with a Twist story (tentatively titled Of Tinkers and Technomancers) at 33k. Which happened to be perfect timing, because the first book of my Tribal Spirits series, Forged Alliances, got picked up!!! So I got a zephyr of renewed motivation for book two in the series, Forged Decisions, making it all the way to 20k this week! I even got another thousand words into the Musketeer Pirate story, beginning another chapter at 6k–this story might be a slow burn WIP, but damn, it’s gonna be good.

What I’m editing/marketing: Currently, my Steampunk with a Twist story is with my lovely beta readers, and then I shall begin MASS EDITINGS. Also, I pressed the button–An Airship Named Desire audio book should be available in the next couple days. OH MY GOD GUYS. IT’S GOOD. All of the excite.

Teaser of the week:


Line of the week:

“You didn’t have to do that,” Navi said, her voice quieting. Their eyes met for a moment, charged understanding a current between them.

“And you didn’t have to help back there,” he murmured, his voice growing hoarse with seriousness. Navi’s lips pressed together and she tucked several strands of hair behind her ear, breaking her gaze.

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Weekly Word Count #87

Word Count: 5,272

What story I’m working on: Hit 21k with Future King, which has been slow moving as of late. Meanwhile, things are really picking up pace with the shifter story and I’m starting to try and come up with a title. Any suggestions? I just hit 28k there and reached sort of the midway point of the story and where it’ll unfold from here.

What I’m editing/marketing: Just completed the final edit of Waking for Winter. Can’t wait to submit the final book in the Philadelphia Coven Chronicles to Tamzin! And on February 7th, book three, Rising for Autumn comes out, and I’m beyond excited for that release. I’m hella proud of that book.

Line of the week:

Well, Dax had wanted distraction, but he didn’t think meeting the infamous Tribe with a raging hard-on was putting his best foot forward. Still, the bloom of Sierra’s arousal in the air wasn’t helping tamp down the intense lust she inspired in him. He sucked in a deep breath and focused on nasty ass things, like wrinkled, paper-thin skin, the moldy can of tomatoes he had in the fridge, and the bottle of midori he’d killed as a teen, turning his puke neon green for days. By the time she opened the bar door, he was ready to face whoever waited inside.