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Patreon for My Books!

Katherine McIntyre (2)

So, I decided to join in on the Patreon wagon! Mostly because I LOVE sharing my creativity with people, but my bills are also not paid on dreams alone! This is the link for my Patreon if you’d like to come and support: HERE!

I have 7 different levels of patronage, starting at Sleepy Kittens!

Sleepy Kittens

Access to sneak-previews of my latest work, plus cat pictures! (Who doesn’t love cat pictures?)

The later levels include awesomeness including TEA and SIGNED PAPERBACKS, but there are limited quantities of those tiers, so check ’em out fast!

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Weekly Word Count #65

Word Count: 1,098 (Short week, I know, but that’s because last week was the explosion of finishing Rising for Autumn!)

What story I’m working on: Waking for Winter, though I honestly thought I was giving it a week before starting. Yet the words must flow!

What I’m editing/marketing: Captivating Melody!!!! I’m hunkering through some of the big edits on that one, and I can guarantee it’ll be ship shape by the end of the month. Still marketing my beautiful new releases, Scrying for Summer, and A Tale of Two Airships!

Line of the week:

“Cami woke up in a cold sweat for the five thousandth time this week on the tails of another nightmare starring the Caoranach.” (This book is gonna be creeeeepy!)

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Philadelphia Coven Chronicles Progress!

Hunting for Spring kicked off this awesome series!


Conor and Brenna introduced the whole magical world inside of Philly teeming with nasties. And by the end of the story, their lives got tethered to the Coven, which is the recurring organization throughout the series, hence the name!

Now Liam and Jev get to tell their story in Scrying for Summer, and they continue the tales of the Order of the Serpent causing problems throughout Philly. And introducing more new, awesome characters!


Currently I’m working on a necromancer and Order of the Serpent filled story with Alanna and Sam at the helm. Book three is underway, Rising for Autumn!! Hurray!

Stay tuned either here or on Facebook for updates!

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Preview Paragraph: Hunting for Spring

Shadows spilled onto the ground even during midday. This neighborhood wasn’t one he’d chance at night unless armed with a flamethrower and a dozen hunters at his back. Conor paused with his hand on the door frame as he listened. Apart from the dog’s thick breaths, he didn’t hear any other movement or sudden noises. The place smelled like peat moss, and a slight scent of tinny blood tickled his nose. He slunk inside with cautious steps, and his senses reeled in overdrive.

The whine sounded again, coming from the right. He flicked on his keychain flashlight and shone it around the place. Broken dishes cluttered a rotting table, and piles of withered leaves and crumpled papers matted together to gum the corners.

Droplets of blood littered the carpet.

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Soul Solution Sneak Peeks

With the release arriving on Friday, I figured I’d offer a sneak peek available only to those who follow me here!

He wound through the crowds, searching for the imprint—the indicator someone’s life was about to end. Like a firework, a person’s life flashed brightest right before expiration. Decay clung to all these people in small wisps—a bluish glow clustering over a cut or bruise, hovering around a bad joint, or illuminating an organ a step away from failure. Those weren’t the people he searched for, though. From birth, every single one of them began getting those wisps as their bodies decayed. What he searched for was a whole-body glow, indicating the people who would die tonight.

Add it on Goodreads, or on Friday, order it on Amazon!

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Preview Paragraph: Hunting for Spring

“More than one. Several wisps ducked past the trees, switching back and forth. That’s when she caught the glow of eyes like burning coals amidst the nebulous forms. Their focus unnerved her, and even though she hadn’t broken her stride, sweat coated her hands. After several minutes when they didn’t disappear from her peripheral, she came to the sure conclusion: they followed her.”