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Gaslights and Graves: Ensnared

With Gaslights and Graves coming out on May 8th, we’re featuring some of the novellas featured in the boxset!


Title: Ensnared

Author: Katie Hayoz

Chicago is a muddy, monster-infested city, home to the both the penniless and the filthy rich. Levi Cannon is among the latter, but he doesn’t quite fit the mold of the upper class. His reputation says it all—from unsuitable women to unseemly weapons to an inappropriate attitude toward the family business. Worse, he secretly wants to hunt monsters, an occupation filled by lowlifes, outlaws, and bums. His brother, Amos, has always been the respectable one, and Levi’s father won’t let him forget it. It seems no matter what Levi does, he’ll never win his father’s favor.
When Amos is taken by sirens, Levi has reason to worry; these water-creatures devour men’s tongues to make their song sweet. Levi is suddenly thrust into the spotlight, giving him a chance to become the man his father wants him to be. The question is, will Levi do what is proper, or what is right?
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Throwback Thursday: An Airship Named Desire


Airships, sky-pirates, smugglers, and soldiers…An Airship Named Desire will take you for a thrilling ride.

Ever since their last botched smuggling job, First Mate Bea and the crew of her airship can barely afford fuel, let alone a barrel of grog. So when a gentleman from Old Germany offers them a fortune to steal a locked box from a British merchant airship, they jump on the opportunity. However, their employer forgot to mention the box’s military escort and the Morlock mercenaries who would slit throats to get their hands on it. Oh, and if made public, the contents could engulf Europe in another devastating war.

Stealing the box was the easy part. Now, with a target on their back and some of the toughest characters in the skies after them, if the crew of the Desire doesn’t polish their pistols and prepare for a hell of a fight, they’ll end up worse than grounded. After all, everyone from the Brits to the Morlocks will kill for the contents of that box, and no one survives an airship crash.

Buy a copy HERE!

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Weekly Word Count #141

Word Count: 16,167

What story I’m currently working on:

Well…I FINISHED THE WANDERERS! And now I have a sad, because it’s over and I just loved it so much. This story was just everything to me, and I want to keep living in their world and writing their next adventure ;_; Next on my writing agenda is the fae novella I have due at the end of May, and probably another Cupid’s Cafe story.

What I’m editing/marketing: Come March, I’ll have line edits in abundance, so that is a yay. The Take to the Skies short is finished from the editor, and so that’s ready for submission to the anthology coordinator. So I’ve finally started delving into The Airship Also Rises, because I now have that and Musketeer Pirates to edit. The Wanderers is now out with beta readers and getting feedback! Also, Gaslights and Graves is now available for pre-order! Nab a copy now!

Teaser of the week:


Line of the week:

Riley slumped down beside him on the stoop like he belonged there, as if their friendship hadn’t shattered into a thousand pieces. As his best friend snagged the pack of cigarettes and pulled one out for himself, Cole’s heart began to beat again.

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Weekly Word Count #135

Word Count: 10,671

What story I’m currently working on: Talk about getting my mojo back! I hit 70k on Airship! I’m hoping for a binge session tonight and tomorrow, then maybe Sunday to finish it out by the end of the week. Mark my words, next week when I update, The Airship Also Rises will be COMPLETE. I’m starting to get that itch for the new story I have percolating around too, so I may jump in on that next instead of the romance I was playing around with. We’ll see. With no current series obligations (yet–I am hopeful for some soon) the sky is wide open!

What I’m editing/marketing: The only downside about sending out all of the things is that while I’m in the moment and hitting the send button, it feels so good. I am doing a thing! Then comes the waiting, lol. I just sent out another couple submissions for Captivating Melody, and so I have about 8 places I’m waiting to hear back from. As for editing, it sounds like my line edits for A Reflection of Ice will be around the February/March timeline. Of Tinkers and Technomancers will be around March/April, and the boxset will be available in May. When the boxset dissolves, it’ll be available standalone in June!

Teaser of the week:

“They shot one of ours.” The lines deepened around his grey eyes. “I_d waste the whole army for spilling a drop of my crew_s blood.”

Line of the week:

The troubles that had all begun with a single job, for a stupid box.

I’d end them, here and now.

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Weekly Word Count #118

Word Count: 4,236

What story I’m currently working on: So, I’m not quite done with Forged Decisions yet, due to a bit of a slowdown. I hit 52k with Forged Decisions, and the goal is 60k, so I do promise by the next update I will be finished with the second book of the Tribal Spirits series! Once I’m done that, I’m excited to launch more fully into the Musketeer Pirates story since the ideas are flowing for that one!

What I’m editing/marketing: Forged Alliances is just about ready for release, which is all of the excite! That’s a measly couple weeks away! On top of that, I just signed a new contract, this one for Of Tinkers and Technomancers! I’m about 1/3 done the rewrite on A Reflection of Ice as well, so with any luck, I’ll have another contract in my future! So far this year’s contracts have included Waking for Winter, Captured Memories, Forged Alliances, and Of Tinkers and Technomancers…if I can get Forged Decisions into shape plus A Reflection of Ice, that would put me to an all time record of six in one year!

Teaser of the week:

She navigated with the stealth afforded to her kind, the silent approach of a wolf.

Line of the week:

She lifted the coffee up to her lips and took a sip, her own brand of liquid courage. As the hot fluid slipped down her throat, she stood a little straighter. “We haven’t had a chance to talk yet,” she said, feeling as though she stepped on the precipice of a ledge, ready to drop into a canyon below. Already, the coziness of the morning and the scorching memories of last night had begun to gray around the edges in the wake of the fear that threatened to steal her breath away. Finn’s brows furrowed, and the frown on his lips made her feel queasy.