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Weekly Word Count: 4/24/19

Word Count: 8010

What story I’m currently working on:

Well now, I made it to 41k in A Thief’s Crusade. This book is coming out faster than anticipated, and what’s crazy is I’m going to have to go on a week hiatus with it while I’m on my vacation. I’m at that point where it’s all either brilliant or rubbish, which is pretty common once you get past the big middle twist. One of the trickiest things right now is getting the timing right, because I’m not only working on a romance which requires tight pacing, but a heist which requires precise pacing.

What I’m editing/marketing:

Well now, I’m diving into the big edits for Forged Redemption! It’s crazy to think that I should be able to get this turned in to my editor in May. The Tribal Spirits series was a wild ride, and that book means a lot to me. If you haven’t checked out Forged Contracts yet, it’s currently on sale for 99 cents! And while you’re catching up on the Tribal Spirits series, nab Forged Futures which is up for pre-order!!! The pre-orders don’t stop there either…because in May and June respectively, Tales from the Skies and Color of a Soul come out!

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Line of the week:

“Because I can’t get you out of my goddamn head,” Grif growled, his voice echoing in the chilled air. His blue eyes flashed with a furious amount of emotion, more than he’d ever seen from the placid man. The kind he’d lose his mind trying to chase. “Because the mere thought of a moment with you has me breaking all my rules. Because you’ve got this softness the world hasn’t managed to beat out of you yet, and I’m going insane trying to get it out of my system.”

Grif’s shoulders heaved in exertion as he lapsed to silence. Dan sucked in a sharp breath. He couldn’t look away from him if he tried. Those lips so close to his was scrambling his mind, as was the temptation of crumbling against that firm chest.  Except that was the same way he’d gotten cornered by Brennerman in the first place. Grif goddamn Blackmore. For all his pretty words, he’d still come in like the thief he was, all lies and charm.

“Pretty sure the softness has been beaten out of me now,” he whispered, his voice cracking in the process. Fuck, he drowned in Grif’s intense presence and didn’t want to come up for breath.

Grif reached forward and skimmed his thumb along Dan’s chin, nudging it up until their eyes locked again.

“Bull shit,” he responded, that mesmerizing mouth an inch away. “I can still see it in your eyes.”

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Steampunk Unlimited 2016

As always, Steampunk Unlimited was a blast!


Haven’t heard of the yearly steampunk event at the Strasburg Railroad? This was the fourth year and as always, a huge crowd came out!


If you haven’t been and Lancaster County isn’t too much of a journey, I highly recommend the trek. While I was behind my vending booth the entire time, I could hear the panels going on in the room and the entertainment tent was hopping the entire time. What I love the most about these events though are the people. Everyone is so friendly and willing to chat! They’re from all different walks of life, all different ages, and it’s rare to find a community as wildly accepting as the steampunk one. Of course, I’d be remiss to not mention the amazing friends we’ve made there, ones who even seeing once a year still warm my soul.


My heart is aglow from all the wonderful folks I chatted with, and I especially want to shout out to those who took a chance on my books for the first time, or for the wonderful individuals who stopped by to simply share how much they enjoyed An Airship Named Desire and A Tale of Two Airships. To an author, those kind words mean the world to me. I store them away in my cherished box of happy memories for those days when the rejections are heavy hitting, sales are low, and things look bleak.


So all in all, I left Steampunk Unlimited feeling uplifted, and I have the wonderful community to thank for that!

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A Tale of Two Airships Release!

Celebrate with me, folks! Book two of the Take to the Skies series is OUT! Get your copy here!!!

A Tale of Two Airships Cover

While you could read this adventure standalone, I would recommend going back and reading An Airship Named Desire first! And for even more fun background fill-in, Stolen Petals is a quick and breezy novelette with some familiar characters!

Bea and the crew of the Desire are back, and there’s one fierce storm brewing on the horizon. When Isabella’s old clan delivers a letter that sends their crewmate into a funk, Bea’s suspicious. However, when they’re intercepted by gypsies on the way to their meetup for the next smuggling job, her suspicions switch to pissed off. Yet none of that compares to the rage that ignites after Bea and their recon team return to the docks to find the Desire missing. Stolen. By those goddamn gypsies from Isabella’s old clan.

Which leaves Bea and her four crewmates stranded in Shantytown, home of redcoats who want them dead and Morlocks who want them deader. On top of that, she has no clue if her crew aboard the Desire is still alive. And once the Morlocks spot them in a bounty bar and put a price on their heads, if Bea doesn’t find a way to the skies and fast, they’re screwed six ways to sailing day with their home flying further and further out of reach.

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Updates in the Writing-Sphere

Here it is, folks, 2016. And like any year, I’ve got plans, grand plans. However, if you’re me, all of those plans get tangled up in your head way too fast, and then I write a thousand lists on a thousand scraps of paper. That doesn’t tell any of you jack though, so here’s what’s on the horizon for this year.

Audio Books:

Stolen Petals and An Airship Named Desire will be coming out in audio book format thanks to the talents of Sally Rouge! Both of these will be available for order before the end of the year!

Novels coming out:

Right now, the only guarantee is A Tale of Two Airships, the second book in the Take to the Skies series. It’s hella fun, and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

I’ll be trying my damndest on getting Scrying for Summer published, but of course that’ll all depend on how well Hunting for Spring does. If you want this sequel as badly as I do, please, please, please show your support for Hunting for Spring. Leave a review, buy a copy, tell your friends!

And then there’s the unfortunate news about Jupiter Gardens Press shutting down. On the sad side of things, it always sucks to see another press go. On the positive, I get my rights back on April 30th, and I’m hiring a cover artist to put a brand new cover on this thing for the re-release.

Currently Writing/Submitting:

Still trying to find a home for my dark fantasy novella, Reflections of Ice. To be fair, I’m also just still waiting on responses from submissions.

On the Iron Legacy front, I’m trying to find an agent, so cross your fingers and toes for me.

Apart from that, my plan is to finish writing Night Awakens and then launch into more Airship stuff. It might be another romance novella set in the same universe like Stolen Petals, or it might be the third book, that’ll depend on what I’m jiving with when the time comes. Either way, after that, of course I’ll begin working on the third book.

Questions, comments, suggestions? What’s everyone most excited for this year?