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Patreon for My Books!

Katherine McIntyre (2)

So, I decided to join in on the Patreon wagon! Mostly because I LOVE sharing my creativity with people, but my bills are also not paid on dreams alone! This is the link for my Patreon if you’d like to come and support: HERE!

I have 7 different levels of patronage, starting at Sleepy Kittens!

Sleepy Kittens

Access to sneak-previews of my latest work, plus cat pictures! (Who doesn’t love cat pictures?)

The later levels include awesomeness including TEA and SIGNED PAPERBACKS, but there are limited quantities of those tiers, so check ’em out fast!

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Holidays Around the Corner

While it’ll be awhile before I’m getting holly jolly and tossing up my Christmas decorations (by awhile, I mean AFTER Thanksgiving), one thing I realized I don’t have the luxury to do is dilly dally with prepping gift baskets for my books and tea. And while my son would rather have one of the super cool keychain knives he happened upon, my fans tend to be more demanding. After all, not only do people start shopping early, but once December hits, I’ll need to be able to ship those things at a moment’s notice, not wait for a shipment to come in. So, in a stroke of extra-preparedness, I made a pre-order form for the absolute cutest gift box for readers.

Kat’s Box of Wonderment

Kay, first off, that sounds ridiculously dirty, so ignore my ridiculous title. What’s inside the gift boxes is SUPER cool. I’m going to offer three selections based on my three Decadent Publishing novellas: By the Sea, Soul Solution, and Poisoned Apple. Of course, a signed copy of the book will be the first piece to this puzzle. Next is a bag of the looseleaf tea blended for each book (By the Sea: floral mint herbal, Poisoned Apple: tart apple honeybush, Soul Solution: pear jasmine green tea). And then the unique and time-takey part of this endeavor is the never-before-seen, framed winter themed poem included with each one. Altogether, each aspect of this is a unique delight, something you can’t just tug off the shelves at Target.

Bonus factor? The gift boxes are 15% off if you pre-order before December 1st!

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Weekly Word Count #27

All of the December-ing! And Solstice Brewing! Tea time for all, and kittens in baskets as presents!

Word Count: 3,002 (I know, I know, it’s low. BUT REASONS)

What story I’m working on: Night Awakens when I can. After giving writing so much attention in November, I’m giving the neglected editing the necessary push.

What I’m editing/marketing: I was working on Iron Legacy, but what’s taken the forefront is Airship. If I’m going to at least have copies for folks ready for Christmas, I need to get this done ASAP! Also, Hunting for Spring marketing is ramping up! I’m excited!

Line of the week:  “Why, Romeo, what elegant words spring from your tongue,” I drawled, fanning myself.

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Weekly Word Count #6

My, what a lovely tea party! Instead of tea-partying, I’m having a words jamboree by myself. WOO. Although, since I own a tea company, I DO have plenty of tea on hand. And as I continue writing stories, I’ll continue making teas to represent them.

Word Count: 6,038

What story I’m working on: The Tuatha De Danaan story! Getting to interactions between Landis and Bailey is making my heart thrum.

What I’m editing/marketing: I’m editing Hunting for Spring and this week, I finished it! I’ll be preparing for submission next week, woo!!

As for marketing, I’m prepping for the release of Soul Solution, the next novella in Decadent Publishing’s Beyond Fairytales lineup! July 24th’s the date to mark in your books!

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Stolen Petals Tea

The tea has hit the stores just in case you’re the type that prefers to settle down with a cuppa while you read! That way if you pre-ordered Stolen Petals you can have the tea in time!


This cup is rich and traditional in that breakfast tea sort of sense which I thought fit the steampunk tone, but then I spiced it up. I blended the Stolen Petals tea with rose petals (I know, I know, she’s the Brass Violet, but rose petals work better in tea :P), and then I chose juniper berries to represent the icier side of her nature. Altogether it’s a fragrant, floral cup.

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Stolen Petals Tea

Not only will my novelette, Stolen Petals, release on April 24th, but the Solstice Brews tea themed after it will as well!


To represent my main character Viola Embrees, I blended an Irish Breakfast tea which would befit any classy soiree. The rose petals were added to accentuate her elegance, since the perfume of those flowers in a hot cuppa are distinctive. I also included juniper however, to represent her cool exterior. While juniper isn’t as frigid as a cool peppermint, blending with the rose, it adds a fruity note to the blend overall, creating one of my favorite cups!

Hope you get to enjoy a cup while reading the steamy novelette!

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Upcoming Events: Wicked Faire

This weekend, I’ll have a table at Jeff Mach’s Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire which will be taking place in Princeton, NJ!

If you’re an East Coaster, you won’t want to miss this 10th year celebration, February 20-22nd!

I’ll be vending for Solstice Brews, my tea company, but I’ll also be unveiling my Novel-Teas, so my readers can get a full experience while going through one of my novellas or novels!

An Airship Named Desire Tea- tart citrus earl grey

By the Sea Tea- Lavender, mint, and chamomile blend

Snatched Tea- Oolong, blueberry, and lemongrass

Poisoned Apple Tea- Honeybush, hibiscus, and dried apples

And last but not least, Stolen Petals Tea- Irish Breakfast, rose petals, and juniper

After they debut at Wicked, I’ll be making batches to put up at my Etsy shop.

Regardless, if you are going to Wicked Faire, come by my stand, even if you just want to talk writing! It should be an absolute blast!

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My Liquid Inspiration

So, not entirely shocking, I inhale coffee and tea while I write, and edit, and…well do anything. Really, I have a hard time getting started in the morning without a cup of either.

However, I’ve reached such a deep dependency, that I’ve sat down and blanked on a page until I took my first sip. Thankfully, I have an electric kettle and a coffee pot, so I’m rarely without.  Besides, I have a small business blending tea, so if I run out of tea, I’ve got bigger problems.

I figured I’d share my love for tea and coffee by way of these lovely quotes!

“I say let the world go to hell, but I should always have my tea.”

–Fyodor Dostoyevsky

“For I have known them all already, known them all—
Have known the evenings, mornings, afternoons,
I have measured out my life with coffee spoons.”

–T.S. Eliot

“Time for you and time for me,
And time yet for a hundred indecisions,
And for a hundred visions and revisions,
Before the taking of a toast and tea.”

–T.S. Eliot

“Sometimes life is merely a matter of coffee and whatever intimacy a cup of coffee affords.”

–Richard Brautigan

“Honestly, if you’re given the choice between Armageddon or tea, you don’t say ‘what kind of tea?”

–Neil Gaiman

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An Airship Named Desire Tea

IMG_1861 IMG_1862

A tart blend of Earl Grey, this one combines raspberries and orange peel! Airship was a breezy adventure, and I wanted to represent that, while still catering to the steampunk side of the story with some traditional Earl Grey tea. Coming soon…more novel inspired teas!