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Weekly Word Count: 10/2/19

Word Count: 10166

What story I’m currently working on:

Well, I just passed the 36k mark on the first book in the Dungeons and Dating series. This book is just flowing, and I keep rolling through with it. My goal is 70k for the book, but it’ll probably end up being more like 60k, which is fine. I’ll eventually be returning to Tempting Ballad too, though I’m probably going to swing a concentrated effort into it during NaNoWriMo in November.

What I’m editing/marketing:

Well, my focus is switching around due to certain developments, so while I’m working on this new foray with the Dungeons and Dating book, I’ll be continuing the Outlier Heir rewrite. It’s coming along, since I’m 1/3 of the way through. I finished up on the Scrying for Summer edits, so you can be keeping an eye out for the pre-order soon. Speaking of pre-orders, Captured Memories is already on the docket, book three in the Cupid’s Cafe series. AND if you haven’t checked it out yet, Forged Redemption is now LIVE! The entire Tribal Spirits series is available on Kindle Unlimited for a limited time only, so check it out!

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Jasper clutched a hand to his chest. “It’s like a real Thanksgiving dinner with Mommy and Daddy fighting.”

Roxie couldn’t help the snort that flew from her. Leave it to Jas to switch to sarcastic humor. “This is leagues better than trying for a Thanksgiving dinner with my family. I don’t have to drive anyone to the hospital for alcohol poisoning.”

“Or pull a needle out of anyone’s arm,” Ford contributed. Roxie’s brows lifted—that was the most the guy had volunteered since he’d started working for them. She met his gaze and nodded. She understood.

“Christ, what kind of Thanksgiving dinners have you guys been going to?” Mel jumped in. “We just have turkey, mashed potatoes, and a pun-off.”

Lilah blanched. “Oh god, that’s way worse.”

Mel snorted and lifted up a spoon full of mashed potatoes. “Points are deducted for fowl play.”