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Weekly Word Count #171

Word Count: 5007

What story I’m currently working on:

Slow and steady! I’ve been pushing forward with Hypnotizing Beat, but I also got sidetracked the past couple of days with edits, so that put heavy writing days on the backburner. However, I did hit my goal of 30k in Hypnotizing Beat. I will finish this book by the end of the year, I swears it. I’m hoping to at least hit 60k with this book in October, if not complete it. If I don’t complete it next month, then I’m going to be finishing it in November to kickstart NaNoWriMo.

What I’m editing/marketing:

So, the reason I slacked harder on writing Hypnotizing Beat was because I started burning through edits on Forged Contracts…to the point that I finished them last night and sent in the submission. Fingers crossed for some good news, guys! Now that I have that edit out of the way, I can focus most of my editing mojo on The Lies We Weave, which I’m determined to finish this year. I’m super excited for next week, since the pre-order for Forged Alliances goes live!!! I absolutely can’t wait to relaunch this series!

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Teaser of the week:

Wistful notes spoke of loneliness, as solitary as the final birdsong of autumn or the trill of summer_s last cicada before the wintry freeze.

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Line of the week:

Danica slipped beside him, craning forward to peer into the water. “So, what’s your guess, guitar boy? Think it’s in the middle of this muck? I’m happy to go splashing in the kiddie pool after the dive through Shark Central Station.”

Trevor lifted a brow. “I’ve been relegated to guitar boy now?” He couldn’t help the grin that rose to his lips. He’d love to chalk it up to her leannan sidhe charm, but he’d met plenty. Danica had an effortless ability to make him laugh, her brand of sharp wit and weird something he doubted he’d ever tire of.

“Yep,” she responded. “Better pull out the stops to wow me if you want a bump up on the nickname list.” Danica gripped the golden stones framing the pond as if she prepared to launch into the water.