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Weekly Word Count: 6/26/19

Word Count: 15695

What story I’m currently working on:

Um. I went a little overboard the past week. The pace on Tempting Ballad slowed to only 6k, but that doesn’t even matter because Pomegranate Kiss blew up. I hit 21k in that book, which is crazy because I literally started it a week and a half ago. However, Lex and Cam won’t shut up, and their story is really interesting. There are certain times when writing is just *easy* and when you catch hold of that precious flow, you need to ride it out.

What I’m editing/marketing:

I slowed down on the Outlier Heir edit because I needed to make space for some other things, including beginning to dive into small, line edits on A Thief’s Crusade. Even though I’m still waiting on beta reader feedback, I couldn’t help but at least start to clean the prose up. If you’re looking for new books on the horizon, in July I’ve got two releases on the docket. The first one is the re-release of the Philadelphia Coven Chronicles with book one, Hunting for Spring, and I’m even more excited for the launch of the brand new Eros Tales series, starting with Taking Root!

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Teaser of the week:

“She was no better than the shells by her feet, tumbling this way and that at the beck and call of the waves.”

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Line of the week:

Lex returned to Cam’s mouth, drawing out the kiss until she pulled back. The sky was dark and the moon had peeked out to cast silver hues across the tombstones. They’d kissed right through the sunset. Cam’s chest heaved with the desire that charged the air between them, but as she had from the beginning, she let Lex take the reins.

“Looks like I was able to make you a spooky bitch, after all,” Lex cracked, her eyes gleaming with amusement. The joke shattered the tension between them, and Cam flicked her in the arm.

“You’re ridiculous. Come on, let’s see the rest of this cemetery of yours,” Cam said, snapping her bra back on and running her fingers through her hair to comb it back. She took the footsteps forward, and Lex followed, trailing behind a couple of places.

This was one of the few, lonely places where she could admit the truth, where her self-delusions crumbled like the tombstones surrounding her. No matter how much she tried to convince herself the opposite, she was falling for Cam.