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So, while I query away, I figured I’d work on Hel on Earth–after all, reincarnated Vikings, what’s not to like? I’d even gotten about 25k in, which is a fairly substantial dent…however the problem arose that I just haven’t been feeling it. I love urban fantasy with all my heart, but it just wasn’t jiving with where my head’s been recently (which is all over the place, thanks for asking :P).

Hence what led me to start a new project. Now, I normally don’t do this. If I commit to a novel length manuscript, I stick with it. However, right now I’m just really jonesin for a slick talkin’ hellion of a main character. I want to write another Aries girl, maybe because I want to go back to my roots and stop exploring other perspectives. I want to live a little in my own comfort zone.

And so, a couple months back I had a cool concept for a novel, one that I just started jumping off from. I can feel it in my veins, there’s a story in there, jittery and anxious to be let out of its cage. I want to write a hell on wheels girl who’s bigger than life and brimming with confidence. I want to write a mysterious, dangerous guy who presses her buttons in the right way to temper that confidence with smarts. To teach her a little humility before building her into something greater.

Let’s be honest. Aries LOVE danger. I will fall head over heels for the guy in a story who whisks you along on the adventure of your life. (No wonder Doctor Who’s so popular) So I’m taking a breath away from my emotionally explorative Viking tale to head back to the land of bold, reckless decision-making, life-threatening battles, and getting swept away with passion, whether it be the fumble in the bedroom kind, of the shared mischief when throwing yourself into a risk.

So, in honor of all that, I #amwriting.

“A hundred years had passed since their return. Since the day the Tuatha de Danaan appeared and decided they wanted their land back. It had been a hundred years since the war began, but today was the day I would join in the fight.”