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Travel Tuesday-Pit Stop in Connecticut


So, back when we road tripped up to Salem, Massachusetts, we ended up making a stop off in Connecticut. We pulled in here, because hey, pizza and puns!? Where could we go wrong?

Actually, I’d like to addendum here. I did not end up eating here, because in my anal retentive planning-ness, I had decided to bring bags and bags of trail mix and sesame snacks, etc, which I continually offered to my lovely car companions. They claimed they wanted ‘real food’ and chose to go to Slice of Heaven. How wrong they would be.

So we go in, and the place is pretty empty, with a sad, withering couple slices out front. But hey, sometimes it’s because a fresh pie is getting made! But no…no, that’s what they had left. Literally all they had left. So my friends got their single slices and proceeded to feast on the flattest pizza known to man, also referred to as cardboard. The slices were far from heavenly, so we ended up swinging by good ol’ Burger King. Meanwhile, I continued to enjoy my crunchings and munchings free of charge.