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Scrying for Summer Cover Reveal!


Scrying for Summer will be coming out this November!

Jev was looking for an adventure, however she wanted the usual variety of stomping out nasty fae in the city as an enforcer of the Philly Coven. Instead, handsome as sin Liam O’Reilly shows up on her doorstep dropping news of the worst organization of fae they’d dealt with on the rise again. Except, he’s a traitor, an asshole, and the absolute last person she wants to work with.

However, the longer they work together, the more the fire between them burns, turning from rage and irritation into something primal. And as she gets to know the real Liam O’Reilly behind the charming smiles and sexy lines, he becomes so much deadlier. Because the protective, self-sacrificing man underneath his facade is just the sort she could fall for.

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Weekly Word Count: 12/26/18

Word Count: 0

What story I’m currently working on:

Still haven’t been able to write, sob, sob, sob. But yeah, next on the agenda is Forged Redemption, which I’ll be starting in January.

What I’m editing/marketing:

Editing has been the name of the game through most of December. I got my edits for Hunting for Spring finalized and turned around, and now I’m launching into the final rounds for Hypnotizing Beat, so I’m hoping to turn that in to publishers before the end of the year! But that’s not all on the agenda! Forged Decisions is available for pre-order and will release January 1st, which I’m super excited about! And to bolster that, Forged Alliances is on sale for 99 cents! Also, if you’re not ready to let the holidays go, make sure to check out Bustles and Bells while it’s still available!

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Teaser of the week:

“The way he spoke to me, the admiration in his gaze, reminded me so, so much of myself staring at Morris, eyes reaching for the stars.”

Currently listening to:

Line of the week:

However, then the hunters had emerged from their anonymity, humans born with the ability to see through glamour, and families trained on every way to disarm and kill fae. A whole bunch of Buffy the Fae Slayers. When the hunters began to leave a trail of corpses, their former rules ceased relevance.

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Mid-Year Review

Well now, technically I should’ve written this at the beginning of July, but it’s been a crazy year!

Things I’ve Written:

The Airship Also Rises (set to release in late August)- Steampunk Adventure

A Card of Shadows (submitting out)- Young Adult Urban Fantasy

Taking Root (also out on submission)- Contemporary Romance

One Shot for the Sky (featured in Corsets and Cogs)

Colors of a Soul (featured in Legends of the Veil)


Things I’ve Published:

A Reflection of Ice– Young Adult Fairytale

Corsets and Cogs – Steampunk boxset featuring 26 authors!

Gaslights and Graves -Steampunk boxset featuring 6 authors!

Captivating Melody (Discord’s Desire #1)- First book in this paranormal rockstar romance!

Legends of the Veil  -Fae boxset featuring 8 authors!


Planned Projects for the Rest of the Year:

Forged Contracts (Tribal Spirits #3)

Hopefully, Hypnotizing Beat (Discord’s Desire #2)

And hopefully, finishing my second Cupid’s Cafe book!


Projects to be Published Later in the Year:

The Airship Also Rises (Take to the Skies #3)- The final Take to the Skies book, a steampunk action adventure

Bustles and Bells- Christmas related steampunk boxset

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Legends of a Veil Release Day!

He didn_t know what he searched for out there in all the blue. Maybe the faintest glimmer of hope, like the sun gliding off the rippling surface of the lake.(1)

Slip into the seelie realm with this collection of paranormal short stories dedicated to ancient magical creatures with the power of silver tongues and a talent for trickery.

LEGENDS OF THE VEIL, the fourth action-packed anthology in the Summer of Supernaturals series featuring fae from eight of today’s best urban fantasy and paranormal romance authors.

Featured Authors: Courtney Shockey, DJ Shaw, Joynell Schultz, Katherine McIntyre, Laura Greenwood, Laurie Treacy, Fleur Smith, and Miranda Lynn.

Legends of the Veil Promo Graphic 1

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Weekly Word Count #143

Word Count: 3575

What story I’m currently working on:

So, I had something kind of funny happen this week. I was stepping into working on the fae manuscript and MY GOD was I hitting a wall. Nothing was clicking for me, not even the beginning of this story. I just couldn’t find the pulse. So I decided instead of trying to do an urban fantasy, I’d write a paranormal romance–I like that territory. Obviously, the strategy worked, because I’m 3,500 words in on the new story, where I’d only reached 1,500 in total on the other one, after a week or two of trying to work at it. This is the fae story for the Legends of the Veil anthology that is coming out in August!

What I’m editing/marketing: It’s now March, and I already knocked out the line edits for A Reflection of Ice on Tuesday evening. Woot, woot! There should be a pre-order going up soon for this book, since it releases on March 27th! I’ve been working pretty hardcore on the Airship edits, so I’m down to the final two: vibrancy edits and grammatical/read aloud edits. I’m getting closer and closer, so I can guarantee this will be done by the end of March. Gaslights and Graves is available for pre-order! Nab a copy now before the May release!

Join my brigade:

The best ways to get involved with my work is by joining my ARC List, my Facebook Group, or sign up for my Patreon!

Teaser of the week:

Some days, the sheer amount of enemies we attracted made me question if maybe our crew was a little too trigger happy. That maybe we_d started pissing in too many pots without thinking

Line of the week:

She was a splash of color on a white canvas, and not just because of the blue streaks threaded through the glossy brown hair that tumbled around her shoulders.

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Weekly Word Count #140

Word Count: 14,016

What story I’m currently working on:

Back to a normal pace with the Wanderers story! I’m hoping to hit 60k by the end of today, but I’m currently at 58k, and I’m hoping to potentially finish the novel by next week. CAN I DO IT? Again, hopefully. I’m usually able to binge write a little more readily closer to the end because the finish line is in sight. And damn, this whole thing unfolded just so perfectly. I adore this story!

What I’m editing/marketing: Both Of Tinkers and Technomancers and A Reflection of Ice are with the line editors now! I’ll be getting both of them in soon, which will be so much fun, and put each of those books that much closer to release day! I’m going to finish editing my Take to the Skies short this week, so I can get it to my editor. I’m almost there, and I’ll be able to reach this deadline just fine. Once I’m finished that, I am switching editing focus solely to The Airship Also Rises, since both of my betas gave their feedback to me. I have a lot of fun releases on the horizon this year! Also, Gaslights and Graves is now available for pre-order! Nab a copy now!

Teaser of the week:

“Because it took a stubborn technomancer willing to risk everything for those she cared about to remind me I was capable of a little daring too.”.jpg

Line of the week:

“Over the river and through the woods.” Bree flashed him a wide grin, her heart racing with the thrill of wandering through the Warrens, nightmare fodder since she was a kid. Anything could pop out at them here, most of it bloodthirsty and wanting them dead. Meaning, she could stab anything that charged their way, and if that didn’t excite her, little did.

“You’re far too chipper for a life-threatening situation.” Jai cast her a glance, even though a hint of a smile tugged at his lips.

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Weekly Word Count #138

Word Count: 17,234

What story I’m currently working on:

My god, what is this pace? I just hit 38k on the Wanderers story, which I’m projecting to be around 70k. I’ll probably flesh it out a little further in the edits, but for a YA urban fantasy, the fast pacing and rapidness of the story just works. I’ve been living and breathing this story the past couple weeks and it’s been the sort of experience that makes me fall in love with writing all over again.

However, I also started another story, because I decided to join in on the steampunk anthology, Corsets and Cogs, which is coming out in the spring! I hit 2k with it yesterday, which is the minimum amount for the set. The maximum is 10k, but I’m projecting it to fall around 5k, which I can finish over the next week. My hope is that by the end of the day today I’ll have hit 3k on this project and 40k on the Wanderers story.

What I’m editing/marketing: I think the beginning of February heralds a lot of the edits I’ve been waiting on, ones for Of Tinkers and Technomancers, as well as line edits for A Reflection of Ice. As for the multiple fulls and manuscripts I have out with agents and publishers, I’m living that waiting life. However, with two boxsets to promote (Corsets and Cogs, as well as Gaslight and Graves–both steampunk!) I’ll be super busy on the marketing front! I’m starting to get beta responses in on The Airship Also Rises, so that will be on my agenda soon 🙂

Teaser of the week:

_Each step forward offered a better view of the crystal walls ahead, the castle appearing like something out of a fairytale._(1)

Line of the week:

“Hey, Pops,” Bree called back down, offering a small wave. He might’ve been furious and disappointed with her the other day, but he wasn’t the sort to hold grudges. Not that she’d forgotten the dressing down. It was always the tiredness in his eyes when he reprimanded her that shredded her to pieces. That was her effect on everyone in the family. They’d all gotten tired of it over the years, her fury, her impulsiveness, her.