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Music Monday- Legends of the Veil

Celebrating the release of Legends of the Veil with a Music Monday for Colors of A Soul

Summer of Supernaturals - Legends of the Veil

1. You Will Be Found- Dear Evan Hansen

Colors of A Soul is all about both Jason and Kelsey trying so hard to be understood, to be seen and cared for as they really are.

2. Waving Through A Window- Dear Evan Hansen

I feel like this song describes the way Jason is in the beginning of the story so well, how he’s surrounded by couples, afraid to reach out and talk to anyone, ashamed of attending his couples vacation by his lonesome after a bad breakup. Kelsey is the first one to bring him out of that depression, to see who he really is.

3. Illusion- VNV Nation

This VNV song is so fragile, so tremulous that I think it fits those hesitant, early feelings of a romance where both people are trying to figure out what this is and where they stand.

4. Space and Time- VNV Nation

For some reason, industrial music makes me think of the fae, though I can’t explain that one. Regardless, Space and Time has this deep intensity to it that helped me enter big emotional scenes every time.

5. A Million Dreams- Taylor Davis Instrumental Version

One of the things I love the most about Jason and Kelsey are that both of them are dreamers. Kelsey’s a fae who dreams of a simple life, of being a human, and Jason’s an artist trapped in a life that no longer fits him. Together, they have the chance at all their dreams coming true.

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Music Monday- Hunting for Spring

Hey darlings! Special edition of Music Monday today to showcase my latest release, due to hit e-shelves tomorrow!

Today I’ll be sharing with you the musical inspiration for my urban fantasy, Hunting for Spring.


Hooked by Seabound

This introduces a long running theme for the playlist of this book–industrial and EBM music. That’s right, kids, I was an alternative club kid. It actually makes sense since I spent my club nights in Philly, so the memories involved helped me write the settings. There’s a great sense of sadness in a lot of these songs and the electronic element reminds me of the city.

Inside of You, In Spite of You by Thoushaltnot

A surprisingly sexy song with the low vocals and pulsing beat. So you can bet your bottom dollar I played it a lot while writing the sexytime scenes in this book. Brenna and Conor have this undercurrent in their relationship, both with jagged edges after living their lives as loners. The magnetism of this song worked so well for those scenes!

Six Underground by Sneaker Pimps

This song does a spectacular job in setting up a gritty city vibe. The trip-hop tune has a casual, coolness that helps establish tone in urban fantasy so well. One of the things I love most about urban fantasy stories are the cool, slick-talking characters throughout, ones that dabble in darkness a bit more than the average.

Illusion by VNV Nation

This song is fragile and beautiful, one that sort of reminds me of Brenna. She’s such a lonely, broken character who’s so afraid to trust. Her prickly shell is just an illusion for the sweet, scorching woman within and Conor manages to elicit that from her at the very beginning. Since she’s lived on the outskirts of both the human and supernatural world, she’s careful to whom she grants her trust.


My World by Colony 5

I actually hadn’t listened to this band until I was making this playlist–a friend of mine gave the suggestion. Colony 5 was a perfect fit for this piece, a dark, fast beat that took me to dark street alleys and the shadows of monsters lurking in the night. It worked well for a lot of the action sequences, where Conor and Brenna are taking names and kicking ass.

For the rest of the playlist, as well as all of my other book ones, find me on Spotify: KMcIntyreMT