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Weekly Word Count: 7/24/19

Word Count: 0

What story I’m currently working on:

I still didn’t write anything, but it’s totally fine. My priorities were with the other aspects of the job, like editing and marketing. I’m staring at Tempting Ballad, but it’s hard to dive back in after the entire-book-long excursion I took. Regardless, I’m going to get some more wordage done on it in August for sure. Over the next few days I should have recharged my well enough to dive back into the writing end of things.

What I’m editing/marketing:

Well, A Thief’s Crusade is now safely in a submission box, so I can attempt to put it out of my mind for the next few months. (Like that’s going to happen…) I’m kind of left with a hollow feeling after finishing two projects I loved so damn much, which is probably the sign to take a bit of a break and refill my well. I’ve got a class to plan, so I’m switching to that. Last week was also big for two releases, Taking Root, the first book in the Eros Tales series, and then Hunting for Spring‘s re-release, the first book in the Philadelphia Coven Chronicles series!

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Teaser of the week:

“He knew too well the sting of loneliness and how over time it stole you away, piece by piece, until a mere shell remained.”

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Line of the week:

Jett sank into the seat beside him and cast a surveying glance around the room. “What do you think the prospects are like tonight?”

Renn wrinkled his nose as he glanced around. He spotted a couple of stunners by the bar, from the brunette girl with the smoky eyes to the hot guy with the flame red hair. “I’ve got a couple in mind already, but I’m willing to grab some food with you lot before I go to pillage.” He wanted every spare second he could with their makeshift family, before he headed to Boston Harbor Hotel tonight.

“So benevolent,” Liz drawled. “Gracing us mere mortals with your presence.”

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Weekly Word Count #96

Word Count: 7,049

What story I’m working on: Slowed down a little with Future King due to some plot machinations that needed working out. I hit 57k this week, and I think before I leave for my trip next week, I’ll try to get to 65. Lofty goals–someone oughta hold me to it!  I got to THE scene I wanted to write (honestly, most of my wordage for the week was a 5k binge session, lol) but I’ve also been trying to thread out the remainder of the book. We’re in the final third of it, definitely past the midpoint and heading into endzone territory. Not going to lie, I’m thrilled with the way this story has panned out so far.

What I’m editing/marketing: I’m deep into edits on Forged Alliances. Even if I don’t finish the edits this week, I’ll finish them by the end of April for sure. In other news, I got a release date for Waking for Winter–4th of July! So you’ll be getting lots of fun Christmas in July parallels 😛

Teaser of the week:

Dante took a sip from his steaming cup and shook his head, a smirk on his lips. “Thought you were an obedient good girl now.” She arched a brow. “Dunno, I think stopping imminent e

Line of the week:

I leaned in, crushing my lips to his.

The response was immediate, incendiary. Merlin gripped the back of my neck, his fingers weaving through my hair as he tugged me towards him. Beyond the metals we worked with, beyond the raw power brewing inside us, the alchemy that roiled inside me when my lips met his was the strongest pull in the system.

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Weekly Word Count #35

February has landed! In other news, where the hell did January go? In a blur of re-releasing the Airship paperback and Hunting for Spring release probably.

Word Count: 9,036 (This was another SPECTACULAR writing week. Seriously. I’m at 33k for Scrying for Summer, so over the midway point already. Fuck yeah!)

What story I’m working on: Scrying for Summer. When I say it’s jiving, I mean it. This story is so. much. fun. Also, while taking a break from Night Awakens, my brain resolved some of the plotting problems. DOUBLE WIN!

What I’m editing/marketing: Currently still editing The Iron Legacy, but I’m on the final rounds of editing, apart from some tweaks to the beginning I still want to work on. What does that mean? By the end of Feb, it should be ready to rock. The query however is a different story. As for marketing, Hunting for Spring is in the hands of some book bloggers right now, so I can’t wait for the reviews to come in!

Line of the week:

How someone could stand up and spit in the face of such an overwhelming, overpowering force. Sheer stupidity.

And yet, even if it was stupidity, he’d never seen a more flawless, raw, and beautiful thing.

(Did I mention I’m loving Scrying for Summer right now? I’m totally loving it.)