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Weekly Word Count #42

Word Count: 4,000

What story I’m working on: Night Awakens (Just hit one of the OH SHIT parts!)

What I’m editing/marketing: A Tale of Two Airships, and I’m trucking along!

Line of the week:

“My best friend was sparkles and sunshine, the light to my darkness, and the one hope I had for anything good in this life. And my sister had managed to destroy her life as well.”

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Weekly Word Count #28

Merry merry! This month is always a whirlwind, but I’m attempting to do my best and still push out my words! I have to make sure there are new stories for you all!

Word Count: 0…yeah, that’s right. You heard me. But trust me, there’s good reason.

What story I’m working on: Well, when I’m done with the editing marketing spree this month has been, I’m back on Night Awakens. However, I’d made some promises to my readers, and so this story needs a temporary halt while I focus on the big stuff right now.

What I’m editing/marketing: An Airship Named Desire will re-release by the end of the year. It’s what I’ve been working diligently on all week. AND, Hunting for Spring marketing is plugging along full steam ahead. I’m so excited for this story.

Line of the week:

“Of course not. I’m leveling an aether bomb’s worth of fun. How do you feel about enemy pursuit? The captain mentioned the words port and fast so he sent me down to help. You point, I grunt, go push button.”

from An Airship Named Desire!

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Weekly Word Count #26

Wintertime. BLERGH. I love/hate winter. I’m definitely meant for the spring and summer with all of the outdoor frolicking, but usually winter does wonders for my word count. Except this post-NaNo week. I’m being lenient on myself.

Word Count: 4,500

What story I’m working on: Night Awakens, plus wrote a short, Meet Me By the Fairy Tree, slated to appear in the Jan/Feb issue of BTSemag!

What I’m editing/marketing: Final line edits for Hunting for Spring submitted to editor! It’s off to proofing now and just in time–the release date is slated for 1/12/16! As for my other projects, I’m currently editing The Iron Legacy, with my goal to be done in December!

Line of the week:

This was the type of city where drops slithered through the seams and formed puddles out of every crack in the sidewalk, every stitch in the cobblestones, creating the sort of slick terrain that promised disaster. However, I ate disasters for breakfast, and currently, I was starving.

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Weekly Word Count #25

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving if you’re Stateside! It’s one of my favorite holidays since we’ve started throwing it at my place. I get to spend the day cooking, which I love!

Word Count: 7,019

What story I’m working on: Night Awakens, my sassy, sexy PNR

What I’m editing/marketing: Tuatha de Danaan story, now titled the Iron Legacy. Aaaaand the revamp of An Airship Named Desire–I’m plugging away at it in hopes of getting it back out before Christmas!

Line of the Week:

“Has anyone told you how singularly infuriating you are?” He asked through gritted teeth.

I flashed him a grin and placed a hand on my hip. “All the time. It’s one of my most winning qualities.”

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Weekly Word Count #18

Going to crank out as much as I can this week since next week’s a wash. Mean’s airships and pirates will be roving through my brain!

Word Count: 5,485

What story I’m working on: A Tale of Two Airships! I’ve been stumbling through the plot so far, but things are beginning to come together. I did a complete change-up from the original arc of the plot, but I sort of like these new aspects more. I swear this always happens when I write–I have a big idea, but the big idea only spans a couple chapters, and then all the little ideas crop up along the way until better twists and turns jump into my mind. While I’m not master of the plot twist, I think my readers still can find some spots surprising–mostly because I didn’t know they were coming either, ha!

What I’m editing/marketing:

I’m editing An Airship Named Desire. I’ve got some beta feedback and am impatient to start working on the Tuatha de Danaan story, but I think it’s best if I finish the Airship edits first before tackling the next set. I’m also working with my editor on Hunting for Spring. I’m SO excited to share that one with folks.

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Word of the Day: Piebald

Word of the Day: Piebald

What I think it means: Hm. I’ve heard this countless times regarding piebald mares in stories, but I’ve never actually taken the time to understand what exactly it meant. My guess would be short haired, although I believe that’s a guess based on the root word of bald.

What it actually means: Well, I was off the mark. Apparently it means patches of black and white or other colors; parti-colored. Glad I know now though! Though I don’t think I’ll have much opportunity to use it apart from animal descriptions, at least I’ll utilize it correctly!