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Weekly Word Count #11

Almost vacation time, where I’m going to be adventuring and drinking in life experiences. Hey, just as important with writing is gaining said wisdom and experience to extol it. Where shall I go? Canada!

Word Count: Maybe like 500? Between packing and revising Airship to send to my editor, I’m slacking this week.

What story I’m working on: Revising An Airship Named Desire for re-release, and then once I return from my trip, I’ll be plunging full steam ahead into the sequel. I’m already about 10,000 words in and excited to continue.

What I’m editing/marketing: Airship, Airship, Airship. Plus, I’m continuing to cobble together everything necessary for the Curiouser book. I’m beyond thrilled to set a release date in September.

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Decisions, decisions

Just wanted to update folks on progress!

I’m trucking through the Beyond Fairytales story, my twist on String of Pearls. It’s a lot of fun so far and I’m hoping readers will enjoy.

Once finished, I’ll work on editing my scifi pirate adventure, one that I’m excited to revisit and work on.

However, after that, I’m not sure where to go next since I’ve got several things brewing around.

I’ve been asked by multiple people for a sequel to An Airship Named Desire and I even have a concept for the second book. I also have a twist on Arthurian legend that I’ve been working on for years. I love the base concept and I’ve ALWAYS loved Arthurian legend, so I’m considering rewriting the piece.

Any thoughts?

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Challenges of a Writer

Gotta say, you won’t find a tougher group than writers.

Rejection? We deal with it daily.
Criticism? Always.
Judgment? Just look at someone’s reaction when you tell them what you do.

But here’s the kicker, because despite all that we continue to write–in whatever way possible.

Not stupid, maybe a little stubborn and definitely driven. Driven by emotions, desires, concerns, and issues. Driven to see a greater world, to spark a change or to dive headfirst into the darkest depths just to grasp that seed of hope.

So to all those writers out there, whatever stages you may be in–keep writing. Our pen is a weapon and our words are the daily battles we face.