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Weekly Word Count #35

February has landed! In other news, where the hell did January go? In a blur of re-releasing the Airship paperback and Hunting for Spring release probably.

Word Count: 9,036 (This was another SPECTACULAR writing week. Seriously. I’m at 33k for Scrying for Summer, so over the midway point already. Fuck yeah!)

What story I’m working on: Scrying for Summer. When I say it’s jiving, I mean it. This story is so. much. fun. Also, while taking a break from Night Awakens, my brain resolved some of the plotting problems. DOUBLE WIN!

What I’m editing/marketing: Currently still editing The Iron Legacy, but I’m on the final rounds of editing, apart from some tweaks to the beginning I still want to work on. What does that mean? By the end of Feb, it should be ready to rock. The query however is a different story. As for marketing, Hunting for Spring is in the hands of some book bloggers right now, so I can’t wait for the reviews to come in!

Line of the week:

How someone could stand up and spit in the face of such an overwhelming, overpowering force. Sheer stupidity.

And yet, even if it was stupidity, he’d never seen a more flawless, raw, and beautiful thing.

(Did I mention I’m loving Scrying for Summer right now? I’m totally loving it.)