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Weekly Word Count: 4/8/20

Word Count: 14,396

What story I’m currently working on:

Well, I kind of balanced getting some heavy writing and heavy editing done. I jumped back in on Eros Tales #3 and I’m currently at 15k on it, so if I keep a steady pace I can look to have it done in a month or so! As for quarantine romance, I’d be very shocked if I didn’t get the book finished this month, since I’m already at 25k and I’m not planning on it being a full length romance. For both books I’ve got vague outlines and I’m taking baby steps ahead as I try to figure out what I want to do. After those books are done, who knows what’s coming next. A lot depends on where my two series starters are in submissions (Outlaws #1 and Dungeons and Dating #1)

What I’m editing/marketing:

Because of all this time since I’m furloughed, I rolled through the edits on Of Alchemists and Arsonists, and the book is already submitted to my editor. So, fingers crossed for some good news with the final Whitfield Files book soon! On the Thief’s Crusade and Saving Throw front, I’m in a perpetual waiting cycle, so we’ll see where things go. I’m hoping to have some clearer answers by the end of the month. If you’re looking to grab some new reads, Of Coppers and Cracksmen is available for preorder now, set to come out May 19th! Rising for Autumn is also available for pre-order, set to come out April 29th! And later in June, Tempting Ballad is projected to release!

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Teaser of the week:

“The blood staining Ellie Whitfield’s hands was as good a reason as any to run from the mutton shunters.”(1)

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Line of the week:

The entire car ride back from the airport had been silent.

Nell hadn’t wanted to bring the situation up because Greg claimed he had things he wanted to talk about, and yet he brimmed with quiet the entire time. She may as well have turned the music in her car off, because the powderkeg tension one breath away from explosion drowned out anything else.

She parked in the driveway of their house and her heart twisted tight. Nell had snuck a glance or two toward him, somehow hoping maybe he’d suffered a little from his actions—that he might’ve felt some remorse. However, Greg’s hair was neat and combed back, and the sharp lines of his features undeterred, as if he were heading to a business meeting, not the dissolution of his marriage. She’d once found him so attractive it was painful, and now she couldn’t look at him without disgust roiling through her stomach.

How fast it had all faded.

She felt stupid for falling for him in the first place. For not realizing that he was just using his sales tactics on her to get her into his bed, his heart, his home. She honestly couldn’t tell if he’d ever been in love with her or if it had always been a gambit.

Nell turned the keys in her ignition and hopped out of her car, making her way to the door.

“You aren’t going to help me with my bags?” Greg asked, his brow lifted.

The audacity.

“Get them yourself,” she said curtly, heading for the door. “We’ll talk inside.”

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Weekly Word Count: 12/13/19

Word Count: A lot

What story I’m currently working on:

Oh damn, I am WAY behind! Like an entire month of missed word count updates! So, funny enough, from a month ago, I’ve only gotten 2k ahead in Tempting Ballad–to 32k, because I completely switched gears. Not only did I finish out Of Coppers and Cracksmen for NaNoWriMo at 40k, but I also wrote and submitted a 4500 word short story to Totally Bound which will be a free read, a short sexy scene from Tribal Spirits. Life has clearly been insane, but I’m still trucking! Next week onward, I’m going to get back on track with Tempting Ballad.

What I’m editing/marketing:

Well, Dungeons and Dating not only has a title, Saving Throw, but it’s also out on submission to a bunch of places. I also began the onslaught of submissions for A Thief’s Crusade, so fingers crossed. It’s been a bit since I’ve gone through the submission mill, which is always an excruciating experience. I’m done with releases this year, but the only two I have on the books for next year are Rising for Autumn and Waking for Winter. However, on the positive, I’ve got Of Coppers and Cracksmen most of the way finished and will get that submitted before the year’s end!

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The best ways to get involved with my work is by joining my ARC List, my Facebook Group, my Newsletter, or if you want exclusive content and a free sci-fi romance, sign up for my Patreon!

Teaser of the week:

Her mouth curled into a sensual smile, and her hazel eyes glowed with the challenge. “Do your worst, Finn Kelly.”

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Line of the week:

Even if Leo had fast grown far more attached than he’d ever given himself permission to. Renn Cantrell wasn’t just a pretty face with a talent for drums and a lithe body made for sex. The man’s dedication struck a chord in him, how he’d defy his flesh and blood and sacrifice so much to keep searching for his sister, even after all these years. After all, he’d done and would continue to do the same for those precious few he truly loved.

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Weekly Word Count #140

Word Count: 14,016

What story I’m currently working on:

Back to a normal pace with the Wanderers story! I’m hoping to hit 60k by the end of today, but I’m currently at 58k, and I’m hoping to potentially finish the novel by next week. CAN I DO IT? Again, hopefully. I’m usually able to binge write a little more readily closer to the end because the finish line is in sight. And damn, this whole thing unfolded just so perfectly. I adore this story!

What I’m editing/marketing: Both Of Tinkers and Technomancers and A Reflection of Ice are with the line editors now! I’ll be getting both of them in soon, which will be so much fun, and put each of those books that much closer to release day! I’m going to finish editing my Take to the Skies short this week, so I can get it to my editor. I’m almost there, and I’ll be able to reach this deadline just fine. Once I’m finished that, I am switching editing focus solely to The Airship Also Rises, since both of my betas gave their feedback to me. I have a lot of fun releases on the horizon this year! Also, Gaslights and Graves is now available for pre-order! Nab a copy now!

Teaser of the week:

“Because it took a stubborn technomancer willing to risk everything for those she cared about to remind me I was capable of a little daring too.”.jpg

Line of the week:

“Over the river and through the woods.” Bree flashed him a wide grin, her heart racing with the thrill of wandering through the Warrens, nightmare fodder since she was a kid. Anything could pop out at them here, most of it bloodthirsty and wanting them dead. Meaning, she could stab anything that charged their way, and if that didn’t excite her, little did.

“You’re far too chipper for a life-threatening situation.” Jai cast her a glance, even though a hint of a smile tugged at his lips.

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Weekly Word Count #117

Word Count: 8,004

What story I’m currently working on: Well, if I’m lucky or determined (I’m usually more determined than lucky, lol) I’ll be finished with Forged Decisions by next week! I’m going to be starting more work on Musketeer Pirates as well since I had a couple new plot ideas, so look for more updates on that to follow! I think I’ve started organizing my plan for the remainder of the year, including more work on The Airship Also Rises and then maybe starting into Tribal Spirits book 3, Forged Contracts!

What I’m editing/marketing: Currently waiting on line edits for Forged Alliances, and then that book will be racing towards release day!! Trucking through some edits on the Of Tinkers and Technomancers book, and once they’re done, I’ll be turning that in! Once I’m finished that, I’ll be working on A Reflection of Ice and trying to rewrite that novella into shape!

Teaser of the week:


Line of the week:

He jammed on the gas pedal and the Challenger shot off down the road, but Finn’s anger didn’t dissipate, and his aggression heated the space between them. Navi would never rob him of that, never try to bury the rage he so rightly deserved to feel, the sort that had lit her up from the inside on too many nights to count.

Navi reached over and placed a hand on his bare thigh. He flinched at first, the touch a shock from the turmoil rocking him. He glanced to her, those hazel eyes softening for a heartbeat, and in that moment, she held more power than she’d ever wielded as a member of the Tribe.



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Weekly Word Count #104

Word Count: 259

What story I’m working on: Guys, it’s been a slow week lol. I switched gears into editing mode, and so I only did the tiniest smidge of work on The Airship Also Rises. But it’s starting to percolate in my brain, which is good. I promise next week I’ll be back on track and writing more heavily.

What I’m editing/marketing: This week however, my time was pretty much devoted to finishing the line edits for Waking for Winter. It’s READY TO GO!!!! We just have to wait until July 4th for the release! Future King’s been sitting around–I really just have one more massive sweep to do, so I recruited some more beta readers to take a look. I simultaneously started looking at the Cupid’s Cafe edits–I think they’ll be quick because its a shorter story!! So of course, my marketing for Waking for Winter will be ramping up to 11!

Teaser of the week:


Line of the week:

Sabine stood a foot away from me in a corset and chemise that begged for a couple stains and her perfectly curled hair pinned back and out of the way. She was supposed to be watching my back, but instead, she picked at her nails.

“Your fingers are all still there, girlie,” I murmured, irritation besting me. “But they won’t be if you don’t keep your focus.”


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Weekly Word Count #97

Word Count: 2,584

What story I’m working on: So, I’m a lying liar of lyingness. I did not make it to my projected 65k in Future King, instead only reaching 59, almost 60k. But guys, I had REASONS. Anyway, progress is plodding along with the story, and if I don’t finish it in April, I’ll be done it for sure in May.

What I’m editing/marketing: The reason I didn’t get far in writing Future King is because I finished editing Forged Alliances. Went on some crazy binge edits sessions since I’m on vaca for the rest of the week and won’t be updating this like normal on Thursday. Instead, you get the abbreviated version, heh.

Teaser of the week:

_She couldn_t help but admire the arch of his nose and how long his blond-red lashes were as he slept. This morning, under the sun_s dappled rays, he appeared so innocent. A smile cu

Line of the week:

If my Pendragon ancestor had made this hunt any more complicated, I was about to resurrect him from the grave just to murder him in the most colorful way imaginable.

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Weekly Word Count #90

Word Count: 5,202

What story I’m working on: Not going to lie, the only reason I have high word counts is because I kicked ass on Saturday. I spent Sunday through Wednesday down for the count with the flu. Didn’t even look at my laptop. Hit 27k with Future King, because I got to write a scene I was super excited about! Doing an LGBT lead is new territory for me, and I’m stoked to venture into it! Forged Alliance has been chugging along, slow and steady. I hit 37k, and I’m hoping by the end of Feb to hit 40!

What I’m editing/marketing: Submitted Waking for Winter to my editor the other week, so I’m waiting for a response on that. Here’s to hoping! Reviews of Rising for Autumn are still coming in, which is all of the excite since it’s now available! Actually almost finished polishing Iron Legacy, so once I go through and do a big read through edit, I’m going to redo the query/synopsis and send it out to market again.

Line of the week:

For a moment, all the charisma melted, the flash of vulnerability brushing the air raw. “You have no idea,” his voice came out rough and husky.

I gave him a half-smile. “I just might.” The weight of a crew was different than that of loss, but each exacted their own tolls, and the longer you bore the heavy load on your own, the more those walls rose between you and your closest, until each smile grew tougher, each laugh forced. “You know,” I said, glancing down at the bowl in front of me. “We’re in the perfect position to trade here. Ease some of your burden by telling me what the hell we’re facing, without the bullshit bravado, and you can sate my anxiety—I can fight better if I know what I’m facing, shit odds or no.”


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Weekly Word Count #79

Word Count: 3,500

What story I’m working on: Back to normal word counts since NaNo is over and I have all the edits to do! I’m working on my Future King series now, as well as a novella with shifters! Werekitties and werewolves!

What I’m editing/marketing: Chasing Fate is top on my list, but I’ve also started doing some minor brush up on Waking for Winter since the beginnings of my beta feedback is coming in!

Line of the week:

The truth was, as much as I tried to deny my power with alchemy, the moment my fingers touched metal, my entire soul buzzed. I’d tamped down my urges time and time again over the years, but if anything, they’d grown hungrier in my refusal, the sensations stronger. I sucked in a sharp breath, not wanting to acknowledge the reality Merlin suggested, one that stirred me deep in my bones, to a primal part of myself I’d restrained my entire life.

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Weekly Word Count #13

Back from vacation! What does that mean? WORK WORK WORK. TIME TO WORK. After all, doesn’t everyone want more stories?

Word Count: 8,020

What story I’m working on: Sequel of Airship. I’m setting a reasonable pace on it, and I’m pretty happy with the direction of the story so far. Very excited to see where it’ll head next!

What I’m editing/marketing: Currently finishing up on Reflection of Ice and submitting Hunting for Spring.