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Surprise Free Day!

Well, surprise free weekend in honor of Steampunk World’s Fair!

If you’ve been curious about Snatched but nervous to take the dive into my work (it’s not scary, I swear!) Then here’s your chance!


Get your free copy from now until Sunday: Snatched

As a bonus, here’s the sneak peek into Soul Solution:


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Excerpt from Snatched

Lizzy’s brown eyes gleamed under the shaky flame of the candle. “What was it like topside?” Curiosity bubbled to the surface, like I knew it would. Lizzy’s head teemed with sparkles and nonsense from all the wonders my mom had crammed her head with when we were kids. At first the decimated slums up above had disappointed me, but after watching a bird soar through the sky and feeling the breeze on my cheeks, a thrill burned inside me again that I thought had died with my parents.

Dive into the world of Snatched!

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Snatched Excerpt

The darkened boughs of the overhead trees snuffed out the faint rays from the moon. Twigs and brush crunched underneath our boots, but we kept the silence as much as possible, even Dinah. Hunter groped around, feeling his way past low-lying tree branches and full bushes. My dimensional restraint cast a reddish glow on my arm, and some of the light trailed onto the ground in front of me. I listened for the thrash of moving bushes, the snapping of branches—anything to prevent another wildlife ambush, or worse, a shifter porting in on us. Getting torn limb from limb would put a damper on my night.

Fight the shifters in Snatched!