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2 Days Until A Reflection of Ice Releases!


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“Her heart skipped with a giddy twirl, like she witnessed the first descending snowflake of winter. For a single moment the world was a magical place full of possibility, not the damaged, rusted terrain she’d come to know.”

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Fairy Tale Inspiration: Bluebeard

When I was working on A Reflection of Ice, one of the fairy tales I drew inspiration from is the French folktale by Charles Perrault, Bluebeard.

Bluebeard is a wealthy nobleman who asks the youngest daughter of his neighbors to be his wife, against her will. She’s terrified, but he whisks her off to his remote chateau. While there, he leaves on a trip, giving his wife the warning to not go to the underground chamber. Of course, once he leaves, she explores the forbidden room.

In the forbidden room lay all of the corpses of Bluebeard’s former wives.

Before she can flee, Bluebeard returns. He chases after her, determined to kill her as well, but her brothers and sister save the day. With Bluebeard dead, she inherits his fortune and lives happily ever after.

Creepy though, right? When you’re reading A Reflection of Ice, see if you notice some of the inspiration from Bluebeard in action!